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The New Human

August 25, 2016

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

What a purposeful, powerful, awareness packed month this has been, with another coming right in front of it. Rarely has a day passed without our being confronted by the mounting tensions of the outer world, the passing and purging of old feelings and attachments, and the stirring and stretching of our sparkling embodied Divine potential.

Each, being used as a measure of new creation…a month of heightened activity and unknown futures has engaged us with our moment-by-moment lives, is driving us deeper and deeper into our Divine hearts, aligning us more closely with our authentic Selves, and deprogramming and reprogramming us toward our natural (rather than normal) patterns of Life.

Once again, we are beckoned forth to make further quantum leaps on our personal heroes journey…in cohesive consciousness, stabilized awareness, enhanced intuition and deep Truth telling to ourselves.

Through the landscape of the vulnerable and seemingly shadowy conditions, it is a blessing to consciously become aware of the Truth born of a promise made long ago… that we would be returned to Love…we would yearn to seek refuge only in our very own Divinity…and we would decide our placement in the New World.

No one told us how…only that we would. And we are.

What a strategy, dear heavenly reality, to use first hand, subtle and boisterous circumstances and experiences of every kind to dismantle our up until now reality and logic, completely rewire, recalculate, reformulate, redefine and recreate the human body, the human mind, the human heart, the human nature, the human Spirit…the human experience.

What a way to test ones commitment to Love. What a way to sculpt
The New Human.

Not only have we stepped up another octave on the spiral of humanities evolution, we have been enfolded…in more obvious ways… into the greatest pulse of change ever on earth.

And, with absolute awareness what we are about to experience throughout the remainder of this year (even within this next 90 days,) and unfolding into early next year shall rival everything that has gone before it. Opportunity for expansion…through the least imaginable ways…will have have our own jaws dropping when we look back on it all.

And so it is, without another moment’s hesitation, we must settle… to the core of our being… all outstanding accounts of personal suffering, discord, attachments, dual pillars of truth and polarity.

In its stead we are to install and stabilize the framework compatible with our changing state of being, with corresponding stabilized awareness, virtues, values, realities, and creative momentum… while in the center of this vibrant pulsating quickening.

We are to discover the roots of our happiness rather than seek any longer the roots of our suffering.

This level of transfiguration of an entire species and planet has never occurred before. Never.

Due to the magnitude of the multi faceted, multi-dimensional Source weaving, the interplay of our physical bodies, our Higher Selves, our Oversouls, the participation of teams of Angelic, Cosmic and Advanced Beings, along with the culmination of all our past lives, our soul contracts and our consent… we are morphing into The New Human entering into a Golden Age.

This shall be a Golden Age unlike any other.

Though we are not entering into the first Golden Age experienced on earth, we are entering into an unprecedented one as a result of the vast amount of multidimensional engagement and support, along with a pronounced number of awakening souls walking the Earth inspired by awareness of their indwelling Divinity…and committed to expressing it.

We are a miracle and a blessing to and for the Love that created us. We are The New Humans seeding a new blueprint for all future generations coming to Earth. The power of our potential individually and together can no longer be minimized, undermined nor destabilized. The Earth has been waiting for the New Human for a very long time.

A vibrant revelatory amplification and stabilization of your New Human experience awaits you. I hope you will join me for a revolutionary 9 week Tele-Web Transmission.

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The New Human

The New Human

May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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