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The God Of Your Being

August 13, 2013

Dearest Hearts,

I pray you are well as we continue our ascension from where we stand.

I’ve begun to call our ascension, an adventure in embracing our promise to become God, in human form. Each day we are invited, whether through trials and tribulations, or triumph, to move more deeply into our Divine existence through, with and beyond all present conditions and circumstances.

This has been a trying year for most as we have been asked to live in paradox, being human though knowing our call to become Gods, being in deep rapport with the unknown, yet summoned to leap into the boundless.

What courage to walk the road to holiness as we pass through the world of colliding actions, kindling Divine life-quality and compassion in every action we take, be it humbly still or actively grand.

The training ground to be part of an evolution of such magnitude is of itself humbling, awe-inspiring, and confusing as we reach now beyond spiritual life as more than just a belief or a study.

Have you noticed how within each moment of each day we are falling deeper and deeper into ourselves, no matter what the action? There is so much Life living us, how could we not?

It has been written, “We are birthing a level of Light, that even the blind will see.”

Imagine, by that statement, who you really are to be blessed with such an ability and opportunity. Imagine. Remember. Let no paradox, circumstance, discomfort or explosions of the old disorientate you. You Are That You Are.

What will the God of your being shine forth and express as, in the presence of all that is, all of the time?




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