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Stepped Up Energies

August 28, 2015

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

Upon awakening this morning, I prepared a juice smoothie and went into my yard beneath my favorite tree to be in stillness. Almost immediately I heard:

“Take your mind out of everything it has formerly invaded. Let go of your perceptions. Perception is a state of mind that has killed off many a Truth.”

That was one poignant message to begin my morning, particularly following the previous evening.

The evening prior was unsettling. My mind decided to ‘have at it,’ after days on end of deep peace and joy…. for no particular reason…. layered with (at long last) sparkling creative impulses that, although I was still a bit weary from the past two and a half year span of time of being broken wide open more than once, felt both invigorating and liberating.

Knowing that we are in the midst of one of the most energetically active and predominant spans of personal and global acceleration experienced in our lifetime and feeling, in the core of my being, that the decades of non-stop stages, levels, layers and reveals of our Divine natures, now on the fast track headed for full on emergence and expression, it ought not to have surprised me that whatsoever was in conflict with my True God Nature was going to be brought to the altar of Light to be Mastered by Love.

A tidal wave of energy shot through me that evening (as my mind was shooting at me), with the sole intention of bringing to the surface (or forcing to the surface) a particular un-settled event in my life that had actually appeared to have settled down quite a bit.

I was informed that ‘quite a bit’ was not going to give me (or any one of us) neither enough momentum nor opportunity to fully re-structure our New Selves and be moved into a Holy New Hologram.

Conscious Re-building

I began thinking of this upheaval as an opportunity for conscious re-building, rather than tending to old wounds. Not, I might add that we haven’t been re-building, so to speak, though I feel more so that we have been laying in new foundations upon which to build some pretty incredible Light Towers.

During the re-build, whatsoever is not settled (resolved and brought to peace) by way of first, a Masterful heightened consciousness towards it as a true catalyst, not adversary in our personal evolution and then, by way of sincerely loving, honoring and embracing whole-heartedly that which is not settled… be it an event or an emotion… would not allow me or any of us to emerge as the fullest most authentic version of ourselves, nor to be in genuine rapport with our Souls and our Mother/Father God… thus depriving ourselves and the planet of a stabilized projection of our Light (the Light of God) unto the world, the ultimate reason we took birth for.

“Let your former memories, notions, and perceptions seep out of you until you are empty. Empty. And when you are empty, I will fill you.”

The Opening

I became aware of my heightened and excited fervor to live fully in my right existence, now. Most of us have shared that longing for a long long time. It’s the reason we dug tunnels with courage, fortitude and sheer will into Life over and again to find the right opening to our right existence.

The opening is in clear sight now. Still it is ours to get through, and we will. The current accelerated supra waves of energies (on steroids) and circumstances are all cooperating with us in their agitating way to bring us Home.

And, many beautiful Lightbeings of the earth continue to work ceaselessly on behalf of humanities upliftment, support and freedom. All know our time is at hand.

Day by day, moment by moment, align with your God Nature and Love consistently, and with faith devotionally, regardless of what chaos arises in body, mind or the world. Align with your God Nature. You are building a Light Tower. The entire Cosmos have been waiting to see just how far we were willing to extend ourselves (and how we would do it.)

A New Hologram

Beloveds a new hologram awaits us all once all has been settled, blessed and loved within the time span of our human natures reign. A hologram in which our senses are heightened exponentially, our capabilities multiplied (like fishes and loaves,) and our entire environment in which we live move and have our Being becomes perfected…regardless of what appears to be going on in the rest of the world at any level.

The Energies

This highly charged span of time upon us now (most have noticed it since August 8, 2015) will amplify day by day throughout September and be intensified at the time of the Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse at the end of September.

It will then gently back-off as the months of 2015 conclude and those of 2016 begin, giving each of us time to catch our breaths, orientate and integrate what has occurred within our consciousness and in our particular holograms that is of immeasurable significance not only to us individually but to the entire field of consciousness on this Planet.

Honor Yourself and Remember

You each rode, clawed, climbed, lived and died repeatedly in the waves of evolution for 26,000 years. Though you didn’t know it then, you were setting the stage for GOD to be made known here on Earth in our many forms and at varying times.

At the end of 2012 together, we opened another 26,000 year cycle only this time not to simply set the stage, but to take our places on the stage for God to be made known and expressed in and through our many forms as we, the heavenly bodies, shine forth Our/Gods magical destiny…. setting forth yet another stage for all those to come to live… in a world that is governed by a unified field of consciousness laden with peace, love and generosity.

Use the energies at hand wisely.

You are loved, supported and held beyond your deepest imaginings. You are, after all, God’s Heart Beating.

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May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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