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Journey To New Earth

February 13, 2020

Journey To New Earth

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Message From Maureen

Beloved Hearts,

A decade ago I remember reading a channel from Yeshua (Jesus) wherein he talked with John Randolph Price about reaching enlightenment, (at age 40,) and to use his words “feeling the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders. As if by magic, he said, the cares of yesterday have no power to steal my joy. I have no mind, for there is only the One Mind of Spirit. The awareness, he said of self is fading into the Supreme, Absolute Knowing of Who I Am. I live only as Spiritual Consciousness.”

When I was guided to read this in my journal, I aligned with the knowing that this is both the energy field and the field of potential we live in now, if we choose. Many are feeling that Reality seeping into the essence of their Being now and exhibiting the signs that it is so.

Day by day the infinite spiral of our evolution has quickened exponentially since the Solstice of 2019 turned into the first day of 2020.

We are far past the range of ordinary and normal, able now to experience and communicate with beings and dimensions far beyond the physical realm. And when we do… something extraordinary occurs within our hearts, our souls, our bodies, our frequencies and certainly within our minds.

Since New Years Eve particularly, I have been blessed with some pretty extraordinary experiences with two of them being on New Earth (which to me feels and looks very Lemurian,)…. not unusual…since the last time many of us were fully enlightened was then.

While I was visiting New Earth for the second time, this time in dreamtime while the other during a deep meditation (posted on my FB page Feb. 4,) the feeling once again was so magical, healing, clarifying, Joyful and Real!

The next day while on a walk, Tashaba, one of my Sirian Royal Lion Guides suggested that on the 2-22-2020 we journey to the New Earth where they will join us along with the Pleaidians, Mother Mary, Jeshua, the Angels, Light Dancers, the Winged Ones and more.

Upon Tashaba’s suggestion my body went on full chill and I knew this was a glorious way to spend such a powerful day.

Here is an excerpt from my last visit Feb 3 posted in full on FB:

“Telepathically the Lions (one Feminine Lion in particular,) spoke of the abundance of ‘tellings’ about our evolution and New Earth, mostly stoking our minds with information. “Now, she said, we would do well to go within and use our own Intelligence, Higher Consciousness, and Heart to gather personal realizations and awareness coming from our Higher Self and Soul…. courageously then applying what we receive from Ourselves to move forward and utilize with Love, Trust, Conscious Choice and the wise essence of OurSelves to create the Life and Earth of our dreams. Humanity needs to trust themselves more than vats of information.”

As they were ‘communicating’ to me on the lush grassy knoll there were long thin lines of Light Energy coming in from outside in the Cosmos. I’m certain there are sacred sights on New Earth already in communication through Light Directives with other systems of Light in our Galaxy. And, I’m quite certain that as the Lions and Sirians built the great Sphinx of Giza they are quite active in building sacred sites here and of course with other Systems of Light… which soon will include ourselves.

And so on the 2-22-2020 We Are Taking a Magical Journey to New Earth.

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Infinite Love and Blessings,
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