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Reversing Reality

January 2, 2015

Dearest Hearts,

Welcome to 2015, the year of Pure Potential and Reversing Reality.

I thought I was going to write an inspired new article to launch us into the New Year, instead this inspired story came through me, for you.

This is how the story goes…

Once upon a time there were the first people. Everything they did, every choice they made, every action taken was entirely new, without precedent.

They had no idea how blessed they were, the first people, for in that time they had no societal pressure, no mass consciousness to overlap their own, no endless numbers of truths to discern, and no imposed expectations, coming from many directions, about how to succeed in life.

They had God, their Parent(s) to whom they were to turn to for direction. Though like all children, if what they were intuitively guided to do didn’t suit their personal desires, many would turn in a different direction. Slowly though surely, more would follow.

It wasn’t long before they began realizing there were obvious consequences to their actions if they turned away from what was given to them, through their intuitive guidance.

By the time the realizations began occurring, consequences became a part of life to either figure out how to get past or how to overcome.

The lines began to blur as to what was true guidance. As a result, self-induced new realities came to life, soon to become known as Reality.

Not realizing how difficult life was becoming to navigate, the first people believed it well within their ‘rights’ (and they were,) to move in the direction they decided.

Soon, their decisions and the manners in which they were made, along with the reasons upon which they were based, began to solidify into subconscious promptings and linear perspectives rather than vertical alignment.

Parent and child began to split apart, it seemed.

Soon a system of beliefs and habits and defenses and truths began to govern the first people’s belief in their great independence and their seemingly irresistible power and use of free will.

It became impossible for pure potential to penetrate the dense walls that had been constructed from erroneous beliefs, now in-grained habits, mediocre defenses and personal truths. It was unable to find its way through the many seas of illusion and endless realities.

Something Evolutionary Began To Happen

After centuries passed something evolutionary began to happen. The first people, who came and went between heaven and earth hundreds of times, began to awaken. They felt as if they had somehow gotten trapped, though their knowing informed them they were not. And, they started to listen again.

Many of the first people, clearly heard the call to reverse what had become an unintelligible, outlandish miscreation of life. They knew they must heed the call. They were ready to heed the call. Their burdens and consequences were too much to bear.

They had nothing more to prove to themselves other than to make the seemingly impossible possible…reverse reality, and make way for pure potential to come back to them.

The vertical void became less measurable as the first people began to realize they had been living under the auspices of counter-evolutionary consciousness. As a result they had lost the magic of Pure Potential. No more!

They Took Action

The first people enlisted legions of others across the globe. United, they decided to reverse reality and retrieve the magic of pure potential. It was not an easy task, for much had to be unlearned, disengaged from and left behind.

They called upon the vertical energies and the earthly energies for assistance. They called forth every aspect of themselves throughout all of Creation to come together as One and they forged a new relationship with the Creator of their being and the beingness of their Creation.

By the year 2015 they were committed to reversing what was once known as reality and simultaneously committed to merging once again with the magic of pure potential. Though they didn’t know this for sure, the first people were destined to accomplish both.

The first people and legions of others united in One Cause are succeeding.

We Are The First People.
Welcome to 2015 Beloveds, The Year of Pure Potential and Reversing Reality.

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They are gathering from all over the globe. From Russia, to Germany, South Africa, Singapore, England, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The San Juan Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Czechoslovakia, Canada and across the United States!

Perhaps it’s a gathering of the ‘first people’ come to Master The God Experience together. I’m not sure. Though what I am sure is that I truly hope you will join us.

We are all going to be blessed as we harness pure potential, experience magic together and reverse reality as we Master The God Experience.

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May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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