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Recognition of our Vastness

February 4, 2022

February 2022

Recognition of our Vastness


image by Pashna Arika

Beloved Hearts,

Once again, we are in the midst of a more ardent quantum escalation of unveiling ourselves and learning to live in flow, not certainty. Whether it has come about as a matter of illness, loss, shadow work, heart openings, drawing lines in the sand of what we will or will not put up with any longer or experiencing more of ones Higher Self and Soul merge into physicality…any one of them has led many to a conversion of the human form and its consciousness into a higher frequency.

In a word I would call this escalation (ultimately,) the recognition and experience of our Vastness. Our vastness lives in our Soul and though but a sliver of our Soul came into body on earth, far more is incoming Now. Many have had glimpses and interactions with their vastness and many more awakened and awakening shall experience the same. This is a fascinating experience to meet and merge more of yourself, as you have been both on Earth and in Higher Dimensions that has been carried forth by your Soul for eons and eons of time and is now being deposited into physicality. It is a wonderous way to know yourself, raise your vibration, lift your consciousness and understand more fully the expansive nature of your Being .

What I have come to realize through direct internal experience with other aspects of my Soul coming into union, is a greater reverence for myself, a greater Love for myself and a greater understanding of myself (as Maureen.) What came as well is an effortless ability to forgive, understand and at times even love that which has pained me deeply. That in itself is a Miracle that raises Consciousness, frequency and shifts perception immeasurably, thus liberating oneself from the distortion of lesser mind, ego and personality.

We are always an evolutionary work in progress here and elsewhere, though there is no more potent place to enlighten ones consciousness, than here on Earth…and likely no other place in the Cosmos that could wear us down to surrender who we are not and Power US Up at the same time. If we were even remotely aware of the complexity of this Divine and somewhat unsuspecting plan we might well be elsewhere under lavender skies.

With that said, my knowing is we have an even greater trail to blaze in 2022. We have a bit more to clean out, purify, straighten up, stabilize, make space for and balance after (or almost after,) this long haul. Also important is creating a clear space for our emotions to be able to digest and not get lodged in our heart. Even the Soul has to be cleaned from all the traumas and lower vibrations it has had to deal with for eons of time.

With the energies so strong and getting stronger everything is Being purified by Holy fire to help us in oftentimes in mysterious ways.

Not believing in predictions, I do sense deeply in my heart this month will call for courage and using our primal passion, heart and true sense of purpose to carry us through. I sense as well, early this year the awakened shall begin to feel Freedom through connection to the vastness of their Being and by Grace through unperturbed hearts.

Many of US shall be having an intimate dance with the depths of our own personal metamorphoses. (Kristina Fontana)

As for obvious external disruptions of our lives, Yeshua has said “just as it started, so too shall it end. There is no shortage of Miracles.” So Be It. He also said, “it is time to be undistracted and intimately know the Great Liberators of your Consciousness and become adjusted to your stunning brilliance and manner of expression through the vast intelligence of the Soul.”

I do know the adamantine particles of all things possible are already coalescing. I feel them and I have seen them as particles already in the physical field. We, with raised frequency and pure intent are their attractor fields to manifest them into form.

*Adamantine particles are crystalline particles of infinity that all contain the stored potential to manifest any original substance or element. These particles are encoded with a type of universal ‘DNA’ somewhat like stem cells, which allow the particles to form any possible type of atom through the Power of Intent and The Power of Love.

There is so much good already within us and more awaiting us to clear, open and receive. May we all make our life easier through our propensity for Love, our desire for Truth and Unity, and willingness to know our Vastness and use it to serve Earth, Humanity and certainly to course correct ourselves.

In closing: The Event so long spoken about is happening daily now. We are the Event. We each one create it as we shift from person to Presence and unperturbed awareness. The energy is with and within us constantly to support this to Be So.

No different than Gandhi saying to Be the Change you wish to see in the world. Wisdom suggests we are to BE the Event we wish to experience in the World and no longer hold back the Life attempting to claim you.


Eternal Love and Blessings to All,


P.S. There will BE a global ‘gathering’ for the 2-22-2022. Details coming.
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