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Preparing for Equinox

March 11, 2021

Preparing for Equinox

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Dearest Hearts,

As I write this my Heart is filled with so much Love and Respect for all of us Consciously going through this massive restructuring down to the frequency of the waters of our BEing in order to be made more clear, more aware, more REAL-ized to receive and hold the much Higher frequencies and encodements coming upon us day by day leading up to the Equinox. So too for Gaia going through a massive restructuring to hold Higher frequencies and encodements coming upon her day by day and leading up to the Equinox.

The Equinox is an Ascension trigger for the upleveling of Humanity and our Planet. It is a powerful and sacred time. That being the reason this Now is such a heightened time and why we are called to prepare… to go within to our still-point, our zero-point and calm the waters, listen deeply, lighten the heaviness and harmonize with a greater reality for yourself and for Gaia.

Realizing and honoring that this for many has been a rather traumatic and heavy start to 2021…our bodies and hearts truly are ready to expel that which was and shift into a Higher Light. Human nature often feels it needs to memorialize the difficult and challenging, though our Divine One knows it was part of the journey. Every moment we convert ourselves to a Higher Light we see a greater picture as to why this or that occurred. And, as we convert ourselves into a Higher Light, so to does Gaia.

Each moment we help ourselves, we help Gaia. We and She are in this together. We always have been. WE have a united Earthly, Heavenly purpose. We are the anchors for Gaia from above…she is the anchor for us from below. One Unified Love.

Breathe, Be Aware, Real-ize. Unite more deeply with Gaia and open your hearts wide as Diamond Heart Coherence has already begun flowing from the Cosmos. Big, Big changes upon us and a great Lightening if we allow it.

Eternal Love and Great Respect,
(Details for Equinox Gathering Forthcoming)

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