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Prayer of Oneness

October 28, 2011

Mother/Father God within the temple of my being, you, The All-knowing Intelligence of this Universe, the Loving Intelligence that created Me and this Universe and this Planet, I offer this prayer to you.

You are the Divine Love, which has supplied this earth with nature and animals, the waters, the elements and the elementals, even the Dark and the Light on behalf of each one of us. Thank you.

You have filled the Heavens and Earth with your many dimensions of Love, the stars, the moon, the sun and the oceans, with the rhythmic activity of the tides, to assist in bringing us into balance. I now acknowledge your Presence in all things and inside of me, and I thank you.

You are opening the doorway to the 11-11-11, giving us each an opportunity to change our spirals of evolution and be done with duality and polarity, and I thank you. I will not take this moment in human history lightly. This I know is a magnificent collaboration with you Dear God, and I say yes, and I thank you.

Dear God, help me to collaborate with you more willingly and hear you now in an even deeper way through my heart and my Oneness with You and all You created. Help me step up to awaken fully now, with LOVE, True Love, Sacred Union, and One Heart as my guidance as I do my part to incite an excitement of Unity never before felt on this Planet. Help me to remember there is no other way.

This is the Way. I pray for the strength, courage and wisdom to love myself beyond any of my misperceived limitations.

Dear God thank you for the open doorway on 11-11-11 that leads us deeper into our awakened Oneness and our map into the New World.

I touch my heart, and I know you are here and I know I am here. When I touch my heart, I know We are here, and nothing can separate us. That is Oneness, and that is Love. Just to know you live inside of me, I know how much you love me. Thank you.

I vow to remember that always, always, always do you love me. In that I find my peace and restoration. I say with confidence, I AM LOVED. I AM LOVED. I AM LOVABLE and I AM WORTHY, because I Am, because you created Me and you brought me to Earth to change its history. Dear God, I say thank you, again.

I come to you now to ask only for your grace, for myself and all others. It is a simple prayer. I have no other needs.

Let the peace that passes all understanding descend upon me and all of humanity, on the 11-11-11 and each day thereafter as we open to receive that peace, and the love of all of Creation during this momentous moment in history.

In this moment of history help humanity feel the inrush of love from the Angelic Realm, The Galactic Realm and all of Cosmic Consciousness that is of Your Light and Your Love. Let us feel Your Grace. Let the Christ Blueprint be activated, now!

I bless my brothers and my sisters for their plights, their tribulations, and for their courage. From this day forth may we all be reminded to consciously love each other so much that nothing on this Planet will ever be the same, again. Let the suffering end, beginning with me.

In stillness and in confidence, I shall exhibit my peace and my strength as I grace the lives of all I touch, including myself.

I go now, God, to demonstrate you as Me, as One.
And so it is. And so I let it be.

Please take a breath.

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