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Powerful Energies/Unprecedented Love

October 15, 2019

An Amplified Source of Cosmic Love, Light and Freedom Codes never before on Earth is now reaching our solar system and inter-penetrating our bodies and Earths magnetic field.

The various thresholds of Cosmic Love/Light we encounter over the next three months shall create a dynamic Life Force sustained by Love and a Great Awakening as a result of Love, positioning us then to reclaim our sovereignty, and solidify a New Humanity and New World whose foundation is Love. At that pointe we will find an equal exchange of Wisdom and Intelligence coming from many points of Light throughout the Universe.

—Maureen Moss

Beloved Hearts,

Moving into the final three months of 2019 and the first twelve days of January 2020, the momentum of unprecedented Divine Cosmic Activity experienced initiates and activates the swiftest phase of Humanities Awakening thus far.

Back-to-Back Gateways, So(u)lstice, Solar Flashes, Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Planetary conjunctions woven within the return of the Divine Mothers palpable Love provides humanity the opportunity for an epic metamorphosis through Divine Intervention, True Self-Realization and multi-levels of ascended Consciousness winding their way through the fabric of each ones creation remapping the tethered state of human consciousness, memory and being… into the fullness of the Liberated Soul.

Through these months for the sake of our liberation we will find ourselves being escorted all the way out of whatsoever inauthentic, self-defeating, inaccurate, self-reasoning, ego personalization and under-valued self- beliefs that bind us to lower consciousness and weakened frequency fields. At the same time the neutralizing capacity of the Divine Mothers Love and Self Love gives us strength and vision to convert those misappropriations and misnomers rapidly as the wheel of Destiny turns for us all before years end.

As dedicated Lightworkers and Bringers of a New Dawn… remaining in your heart, in unerring Truth, being calm, clear, steady, grateful, strong and ever-present helps us receive, align with and integrate the most transcendent powerful swells of Pure Love, Cosmic Light, God Codes, Angelic Codes and Freedom Codes incoming and continuous as we head towards 12-21 when reportedly All Life takes a powerful turn, and then again on January 12, 2020.

Beloveds know that whatsoever upends us… to right us… in these coming months will be followed by a force of Cosmic Divine Feminine Love unlike we have known to date. Please remember you are not alone. We are in this together as our bodies of Spirit are raised and that which enslaved us disintegrates.

We are safe now in an environment of Love being created on Earth as it is in Heaven…and then some, as the Divine Mother shared.

Remain in your hearts and witness the many miraculous resurrections forth-coming.

In Closing

Heading strongly now into the 11:11 Gateway of New Beginnings, (though not what we have perceived New Beginnings to be,) the Elohim, the builders of form and creative arrangers of Life carrying the highest vibration of Light shall be with us to assist in calibrating the powerful Light moving quickly and at times quite vigorously transfiguring our physical bodies template, mind and nervous systems.

They shall play an active role along with the Divine Mother, 2 Star Systems and many Masters in the transmission and ceremony of the 11:11.

(Detailed information about the 11:11 gathering forthcoming.)

As difficult as it has been and may be for a bit longer, we are blessed to be together to experience and witness many homecomings into the Heart of the One as the Divine/Cosmic energies strip out the ancient cosmic dross remaining … and with LOVE… fill our bodies, take over our minds, expand our hearts and unite our Souls.

Closer and closer we come to One Love, One Will, One Humanity.

Take extra special care of yourselves, your exercise and food as we travel forward together into a very brand New Life. In reverence and Love, ask for what you need and give yourself what you need. They are one and the same.

Nurture and Nature and continue to stabilize your frequencies moment to moment. Remain close to your Heart Beloveds taking sanctuary in your Divinity.

Know You Are So Very Loved.

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