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Pleaidian Stargate

April 29, 2021

Chaos Intersects with Immaculate Conception for Humanity

(and details for Taurus/Pleadian Stargate 5-5-2021) 

Beloved Hearts,

Our Life is Like a Movie wherein transformative Chaos intersects with Immaculate Conception as we hold the balance while in daily rapid fire changes.

There are numerous frequencies weaving into our physical bodies from the Cosmos, the Sun, the Moon and Inter-Dimensional Light Ships. The body is working hard to keep up and integrate. The Consciousness of past core traumas (all the way back to birth) are rising from the bottom of stored cellular memory to be released in order that We Rise in bandwidths of energy, simultaneously. Awareness dawns consistently. Our Hearts are working rapidly to come into Coherence.

Swiftly we are breaking free from life in the Matrix and agreements to be other than who we truly are to embody every aspect of our Trueness…to BE Re-known.

The Immaculate Concept golden in its frequency is becoming visible as all that has ever been goes through us and the Spark of Source Life re-ignites and summons Higher catalysts of New Creation to enter and anchor.

During one of the most influential Stargates, The Taurus Pleaidian Stargate, long given the name Pleadian Peace Portal, opens and streams upon humanity harmonic vibrational resonances to the Heart Center and body.

On This Day the Pleadians and the powerful frequency of this 5-5 Stargate help our bodies and Hearts stabilize from the intense process we have been in and assist with great Love an orderly and harmonious synchronization amongst all of our Higher systems in play and creation.

From the Pleadians: We know you in Truth. We are here to help you BE Coherently Re-Known.

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With Eternal Love,

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