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Passing Into A New Life On Earth

July 13, 2021

Passing Into A New Life On Earth

Beloved Hearts,

Passing into a new life on earth is a mighty task. Regardless of where you find yourself on the journey you are doing a miraculous job. No matter what your opinion is of where you are compared to another WE have all gone through the same thing by first leaping from darkness and hovering in mid-air before we touched the Light. We have all been pushed or intended to jump or climb or fly into the immortality of Self. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you are just hanging somewhere in space…so to do the planets and stars. What matters right now is that you are true to Yourself…the Self you have realized or are realizing now. That Self, Yourself requires one thing of you right now… to pay attention to you and not be distracted by what is going on in the outer world. Focus on what is yours to expand within you, what is yours to release, what is yours to bring into a coherent balance.

A lot of change is on your horizon, OUR horizon in regard to each ones eternal existence over these weeks leading up to the Lions Gate. Regardless of what it is… it is foundational to your personal quantum reality and Creation of a new world formed from the substance of Your Consciousness and Heart.

One thing for sure that is the same for each ONE of us is our Love for Earth, Self and Source must be unerring and the principals of Infinite Love and Oneness ours to discover at our immaculate core. The embodiment of each allows for swift passage into your/Our True Soul Life on Earth and connection to all points of Light in the Universe.

One of my Sirian family has long said, “you are powerful beings placed at the altar of a new spiral of your evolution. Placed in your heart are Diamond Light codes to transform and transcend what has been into what will be. Accept that as truth. We bless you in your sovereignty and welcome you into our hearts always.”

Go forth this month in Peace Beloveds as we prepare to enter one of the most Powerful Lions Gates to date. (Details coming soon.)

With Love,

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