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Our Evolution

February 9, 2017

Dearest Hearts,

What a fascinating and raucous beginning to this New Life Cycle we’ve launched into. I felt prompted to wait and feel into this new energy, this new way, this evolution of life we have entered before writing this.

Once again we embark on a journey down unknown paths laden with phenomena and circumstances promising to pull at every string of our hearts and rub against all outstanding emotion. The blessing is that many are going forward radically changed.

Many of us are entering into this new cycle abiding more congruently and joyfully with the Spirit of our true natures (after an intense decade of the opposite,) knowing more clearly and feeling more deeply the unrestricted Truth about our existence, our value and worth…ready now to enter into whatsoever is put before us with heightened consciousness, creativity and Love.

Personally, always a work in progress, I am grateful for the liberating sense of being unified and grounded in my body in a way I have not experienced in this lifetime, though disentangled from the 3D matrix of duality, control and polarization. (There wasn’t a moment in the concluding months of 2016 that my intention and focus to ‘wrap it up’ wasn’t given my unbridled attention and deepest prayers.)

Disentangled from the 3D world with its brand of reality and unsustainable way of life and consciousness, I feel deeply and uniquely immersed into Life and with Life from a completely different sense of being…a sense of being we were told long ago was possible.

My understanding has long been that humanity would be given every opportunity to bring that potential to Life, were we to transcend this world and its limitations without disengaging.

Globally, perfect timing I would say considering what is playing out in the lower 3D world that begs us to operate, create, and navigate from our Highest potential, bringing to Life every Holy quality contained within our DNA.

A fire has been lit… so to speak… an inner fire that has set our souls ablaze. It seems to me we somehow live beneath ourselves if the heat isn’t turned up from above, within, or without. That will change as each stabilizes into Higher 5th dimensional consciousness, the vehicle for New World wisdom… and birth.

Our Evolution

In the previous life cycle our hearts and minds were prompted repeatedly to actively begin aligning with our Embodied Intelligence in order that the stabilization process of becoming Self-realized, Self-governed, Self-sustained, and Self-Loved would be activated and provide Light for the times ahead.

Little did we know the degree to which we would be preparing for the most profound, soulful, demanding and progressive passageways into a completely unique realm of existence ever…as a human.

Far beyond the Renaissance, which served as a cultural bridge between the Middle Ages and modern history, We the citizens of Earth, have come to give birth to a New Human, a New World and to provide a New Landscape for Earth herself.

Prior to January 2017 the surges and in-pulses from wave upon wave of changing energy through solstices, new moons and eclipses, along with planetary and solar activity, bombarded our physical bodies down to the marrow of our bones instigating our consciousness and embodied Intelligence to turn itself Up.

Going forward those provocateurs will carry on, though added now to the mix is perhaps the biggest on the ground instigator of all time. One who started an entirely new reign of change in humanity by striding into the White House in the United States of America, used his weapons of choice… the mighty pen, tweets and threats… and began stirring UP the collective soul.

This startling phase of our evolution is being provoked by a ground level catalyst providing…if not taunting…opportunity for US to reclaim, rebalance and restructure this Earth, restore the Divine Feminine to her full glory, restore then the mystical marriage of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and release our suppressed God Selves thus becoming Sovereign and Free Beings.

Only through Love, Christed Love not distilled love, long gone undiscovered for our Selves, each other, our freedom and our earth can we meet our profound Holiness, bring Heaven to this Earth and redirect world history.

Of Great Importance

With that said, let us please not get lost in the oh isn’t this a wonderful and magical time and let us not become entangled rather than engaged from an enlightened perspective.

Human lives and democracy are at risk and terror is pulsing through people’s bodies as new threats to divide and conquer are issued daily. From my perspective, there is nothing magical about that.

There is however a mystical Renaissance occurring that does not depend on the world, though the world depends on it as Marianne Williamson so brilliantly brought to Light almost two decades ago. Many are being inspired to translate the mystical into a grounded reality knowing now that it is urgent.

This new life cycle does not have a pre-determined destiny though it is the greatest of all possibilities given to birth a New Humanity and create a New World on earth, requiring the full undivided input of lifted consciousness and service …whatever that may be for each one.

In Closing

We are on a very fast moving train of evolution with countless bearers of Light from above and below on board. More are needed.

The previous life cycle gave us every opportunity for strength, courage, faith, emotional and spiritual musculature and Love to be born and to grow. This life cycle gives us opportunity to put each to use.

Regardless of what is occurring in the world and will continue as the vessel by which humanity discovers an entirely new way of being, the immeasurable blessings of union with your own Life…Self-realized, Self-governed, Self-sustained and Self-Loved…will Light the world and offer you the opportunity to decide your placement and experience in the New World.

I wish you each love, clarity, blessings and grace as we travel forward together. Know you are loved.


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