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New Years Day ‘Special’ Event!

December 18, 2018

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A Renewal of Heart
Hosted By Maureen Moss & Friends


Wisdom, Channeling, Music, Diamond Christ Immersion,
Sound Advancement

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The Frequency of the Universe Lives in the Center of Your Heart.

— Maureen Moss

Beloved Galactic/Angelic Masters,

This past year has been unprecedented in preparing us to enter the New Year… a year of completion and manifestation. A year in which we discover more about our True Masterful Selves and feel our hearts desire to take leaps of faith into our untapped potential and Quantum Life.

2018 taxed our hearts, tested our resolve, our stamina and commitment to Love over and again in and through experiences of every earthly nature.

Adding to that it housed the most evolutionary and influential continuum of Solstices, Eclipses, Doorways and Gateways, showers of Diamond Light Creation Codes, God Codes, Lion Codes and Angelic Frequencies that humanity was able to endure. All for good reason.

The momentum sent us spinning off of a linear polarized timeline and onto a New Highly Supportive Evolutionary Spiral harmonious with our True Heart and the Heart of many realms of Light including the Heart Center of the Universe.

Yet the greatest year of our awakening will occur in 2019. The reason being that turned now in the right direction we shall happen upon the discovery of our Hearts Intelligence and its pathway of Revelation.

As we make this discovery through revelatory experience throughout this next year and begin expressing on behalf of our True Selves with all due respect, gratitude and compassion for all others without sacrifice to our Hearts Intelligence… we will merge with the frequency of the Universe and our natural state of wisdom, certainty, and sovereignty assisting us then to walk through the world in an awakened state of grace.

Our progression on Earth matters to many Realms and many Masters holding both Earth and Humanity close to their hearts. It is for us to take our internal treasures and step courageously, powerfully and joyfully forward into a collaborative Leadership of a New Earth and creation of a New Reality for ourselves…each being the very reason WE are having this global gathering on the first day of 2019.

Our intention and purpose is to Unite, Ignite, Unify and Uplift the very heart of your being and bring you closer to the future of YOU in harmony with the frequency of the Universe.

Archangel Metatron has said, by the conclusion of 2019 you will not even recognize yourself. Welcome to New Beginnings of Light Acceleration and a lucid interpretation of your consciousness.

From The Divine Mother, you are being guided back to where the paradise frequencies have always been, your hearts.

The Royal Lions shared, your new Soul Mission is to create a New Earth as a consciousness station leading to new levels of human ascension, communication, and intelligent exchange with higher worlds.

The Sirian Star Masters made it clear: You are powerful beings placed at the altar of a new spiral of your evolution. Placed in your heart are Diamond Light codes to transform and transcend what has been into what will be.

And God Said: You Are The Creator. Unite with me as one brilliant reflection of My Light…My Love..

Our potential is limitless. Not because it has been given…because it is earned. Now let’s amplify it!.


Join Me and My Friends

(See More About Each on the Registration Page)

Transformational World Teacher Dedicated to Humanities Evolution, Soul Activator, Internationally Acclaimed Author, Maureen Moss

Transformational World Leader, Globally Acclaimed Intuitive, Channel and Musician, Lee Harris

Sacred Diamond Alignment Technology Master, Jacqueline Joy leading, inspiring and supporting individuals from 209 countries in mastering their Embodiment of Diamond Christ Consciousness.

Channel for Archangel Michael and International Teacher Dedicated to New Earth and Quantum Reality Celia Fenn


And Grammy Award Winner, Master Sound Healer and Best-Selling author of The Secret Language of the Heart Barry Goldstein, for a New Year’s Day Ignition to get your New Year started with:


  • Master Wisdom for the Coming Year

  • An Alignment with Your True Self

  • A Diamond Christ Increase Immersion

  • Your True Potential Ignited

  • Attunement to Your True Heart Frequency

  • And In Rapport with The Most High

We will bring the Wisdom, Music, Channeling, Activations, Immersions and Sound Advancement.


You Bring Your Readiness and Open Heart!



Know you are loved!

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