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New Life Stream Beginning

June 30, 2020

The End and Beginning of A New Life Stream


Beloved Hearts,

As we entered the Eclipse/Soulstice season (still in motion,) there has been an amplification of Purpose Driven energies that we have all felt and are feeling.

On So(u)lstice and for a couple of days afterward I felt a Bliss and Child-like Joy so intensely it felt as though someone had a magic wand over my head raising, raising, raising my frequency to have the ultimate experience.

And then a Crash and a heavy one at that.

Today I am in balance.

In this New Life Stream and new timeline(s) we have entered, it is not always going to feel comfortable (as we are experiencing.) First, as a result of the Disengagement from the human we have known and all her/his desires and attachments.

The second reason is attributed to 3 and sometimes 4 levels of frequencies running into each other in our bodies and minds on any given day… and not harmoniously.

Particularly the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies causing our emotional and actual highs and lows, or dimensional ping-pong until the 3rd and 4th dimensional thoughts, beliefs, projections etc. are neutralized and brought into the Light making way then for the Highest Frequency to stabilize and become the primary frequency operating.

This is going to happen far more rapidly now by the nature of this Massive Reset we are in and our compliance.

What my Higher Self has said to me is we will begin feeling the Mastery that we have not had in regard to Mastering the Physical Realm. A part of our Mastery lies in giving our energies to what we are in alignment with not what we are against or irritated by. As well, harmonizing with the One Will of God NOT the will of our minds… nor the will of another.

Until the One Will of God is established, some will continue to assert their will and create shadow, chaos and distortion as it is on Earth now continuing to make their mental way of perception…THE WAY….. rather than Thy Will which is a unifying principal and Light particle of GOD that energetically resides in each ones Soul and by its Nature overrides mental perception, and ego dominance.

When one comes to the end of a Lifestream…as we are, one cannot carry the seeding, implanted thinking and distortion from any other lifetimes accrued.

Preparing to Live a life out of relationship to cause and effect each ones personality and ego requires a catalyst to end its historical dominance and entanglement with ones conceptual lives. And, that catalyst is both the Higher Self and Soul, initiating a synthesis of your entire being.

Going forward as we pass through one remaining gateway leading to the Lions Gate (which shall initiate yet another level of our New Life Streams,) we are reminded to hold Sacred the frequency of your New Life for you are its Creator. You Are.

With hearts ablaze, go for your Highest and Best. Take your eyes and ears away from Human Drama… anything and everything that you know will lower your frequency. Rather, initiate a commitment to yourself to do everything in your power to raise up and stabilize your Highest Frequencies through your Heart-Mind as the Creator God you are.

Private Sessions

I have been guided to offer Private Sessions up until the Lions Gate to assist those well on their way with further empowerment, clarity and enhancement.

If you would like to schedule a Private Session, please email me at [email protected]

Endless Love and Deep Blessings,
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