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Mastering The God Experience: 5th Dimensional Consciousness

November 4, 2014

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well, particularly after another intense and demanding month of dozens of intense solar flares, an eclipse/moon sandwich, mercury retrograde and planets lining up in ways that are less than comfortable for most of us.

Most ask when will these Cosmic events stop, or at least slow down? The answer is not anytime soon. And, hard as it may be to believe, it’s all for good reason.

The reason being, the predominant structure of our human perception (affecting every choice we make,) long housed in 3rd and 4th dimensional consciousness, requires further prodding and exposure in order that we might see what remains of hidden detriments still in operation within us impeding the stabilization of our 5th dimensional consciousness.

(I know that was a mouthful, though it was what came through.) I sat with that for a moment, taking it in, and here’s a piece of what I received.

When I was being given not only the title of one of my classes, Birthing The Heart and Mind of God, but also guided to teach it for 9 months, I quickly asked, “why is it necessary to teach this class for 9 months?”

The answer. “Human beings require being held in a stabilized field of energy long enough for an alignment to be made with a heightened state of consciousness and action, in order that real change may occur.”

So what does that have to do with yet another successive month of numerous Cosmic activities imposing themselves upon us with more to come?

The Universe is attempting, day upon day and month upon month, to take us out of our comfort zones, to interrupt patterns, to reveal our shadows and push us past each instability that we have, (lack of cohesiveness, inauthentic natures, fear and projection, misperception and resistance, attachment to outcome, caring what other people think etc.) until we, through our Divine hearts, minds and actions comprehend and activate the codes for conscious thought, feeling and conduct required for living in the 5th dimension.

None of the successive activity is meant to be a trial by fire, though with each activity comes consistent opportunities for us to think and behave out of character thus beginning to stabilize our consciousness that is more coherent to our true natures.


A huge chunk of the gold in Mastering The God Experience is stabilizing, in the 5th bandwidth of energy, singular consciousness, meaning mind and heart in absolute harmony, prior to any choice or action being made

This is not an easy task for the lot of us that came to Planet Earth imprinted with polarized dual natures and a massive divide between heart and mind.

It is however doable when we slow down, breathe, feel God’s heart and mind overlaying ours, ground ourselves, and sincerely intend for our hearts and minds to come into a stabilized field before we rush to choices and actions. This will be critically important in the month of November as you find more of your comfort zones and former patterns of behavior being eroded.

No haste, no reaction, no mental or emotional reasoning, no attachment to outcome.

What I have noticed is that since I began to make this a priority above all else, I physically, emotionally and mentally feel more stable, more grounded, more connected to Source and perhaps of greatest joy more connected with my authentic nature. This is the taste of freedom Beloveds.

I’ve discovered that consciousness, in its highest singular expression, can only emerge when the mind and heart act harmoniously together.

As it stands, the brain consciousness sees things one way, while the heart consciousness feels it in a different way. In the 3D world, and even the 4D world few escaped the schisms, struggles, misperceptions, lost dreams and fears that were created by such divided consciousness.

Now, through us, as the two are beginning to unite by our burning desire for internal peace, the divides are being harmonized (by us) and Unity Consciousness, singular 5th dimensional consciousness is being born. That is why the pressure from the Cosmos and the interior of our being carries on.

Think of yourself as a baby being born into 5th dimensional consciousness. No baby is ever born without pushing and pressure, are they?

Your 5th dimensional consciousness, which is peaceful, simple, non-judgmental, trusting and allowing belongs to you, now. It flows with the river of Life. It’s not a pursuit for something outside of you. It lives inside of you right above your 3rd dimensional consciousness. Reach UP, let go and become skilled dancing with mystery, for it will accompany you for a very long time to come.


Your life is no longer about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself anew through your stabilized field of consciousness.

There are no council tables for you to sit around and plan your next incarnation on Earth. There isn’t a team of guides and cosmic teachers discerning and deciphering how your next life ‘should’ unfold for your highest good.

You are already at the council table, with your heart, mind, soul and instincts. You are already in your new incarnation on Earth.

Learn the lay of the 5th dimensional land by cracking the codes with your singular consciousness, (which promises to shift your perceptions, choices and character) and then decide how you’re going to play in it. Don’t forget, you were born to Master The God Experience and this is a great part of it.

Namaste Beloveds,


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