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Master Gateway

December 7, 2020


Master Gateway
Immersion and Ceremony


Beloved Hearts,

We are being woven into the speed of Light as we head through this Gateway, through an Eclipse and epic planetary alignments on the way to Solstice to complete ourselves, Ascend ourselves and simultaneously prepare the way for others.

This 12-12 Master Gateway opens a concentrated corridor leading to Solstice, hailing the revelatory birth of The New Human.

We are co-creating this miracle of evolution with God, the Elohim, Masters of the Ages, Galactics, Star Family, Angelics, our HUman tenacity, Love and Grace.

Never in our lifetimes has the opportunity arisen to finally experience ourSelves unveiled… As We Are… after a long, arduous reign of scraping and clawing to Reveal Our True Selves as the living, breathing embodiment of God unobstructed here on (New) Earth with our I AM Soul driven purpose.

Apart from the world external…WE are in the tender moments of our sweetest dreams realized getting inklings of our brilliant HUman potentials.

This is going to be the journey of our lifetimes in ways unimagined.

Since the 11:11 Gateway there has been an urgency, an internal knowing, to align more fully with our Solar Hearts, Higher Self, Soul Presence and I Am Presence to be able to receive the incoming blasts of Ascension Galactic and Solar Energies… and the Birth of the Golden Child.

This 12:12 Gathering is going to assist each one to further prepare, maximize and acclimate to these incoming Galactic and Solar energies… Rapid Pulsations of Source Light Codes and fully activated DNA you, me, US have never before experienced. As well, to Gaia’s massively altering vibratory shift.

On This Day, through both an immersion and meditation each shall find their frequencies rising, their hearts Lighter, minds quieter, Whole Self more coherent and a rising of Christ Consciousness, Harmony and Peace.

Let us further prepare to BE receptacles for the Ascension Flame of Freedom.
Let us further prepare to complete what was.

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Eternal Love,

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