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Magic Is Afoot

December 18, 2014

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well as the evidence, not just commentary, mounts in favor of ‘anything is possible’ (even against all seeming odds) and that magic is definitely afoot, albeit close on the heels of everything going awry…perhaps simply to stand out and prove a point.

Energy and nature showed me both, in undeniable ways.

It started last night, when I experienced magic afoot.

I was on the sofa around 9:00PM snuggled up with my angel in fur, Gabriel, as we were watching an old Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street. Anyway…

During the day I felt so uncomfortably tumultuous inside of myself. It was almost like cells or atoms or something else was about to burst. Actually, I was on that edge for several days this past week yet simultaneously, keenly aware that density was literally dropping off of me and burdens were being lifted off of my back, that I know went back to the beginning of time.

Now it was 9:00PM when suddenly, as though on a mission, there was an energetic peace giving stillness that permeated not only my home, but completely enveloped me and then funneled directly into my heart. It was so palpable and in such contrast to how I’d been feeling, my attention was captured. Like a child I was fascinated by what was so obviously happening and didn’t want to move, so as not to disturb it.

A bit of time went by before I intentionally merged my consciousness with it. I intuitively became aware that this energy was literally and intentionally permeating the entire Planet.

I was transfixed by that awareness, by the feeling of it and the knowing of it. I consciously immersed myself more deeply into it. I was overcome with the feeling of Bliss, of all is well, of the peace that passes all understanding. I prayed every person on this Planet would feel even a tiny drop of it as it showered upon us.

I didn’t want to go to sleep, for I didn’t want to miss a moment of this experience. I waited until the wee hours of the morning to finally allow myself to sleep, in peace.

With one eye open, I awakened scanning my body, scanning the field to see if the energy was still there. It was. I then turned my head to the right and saw something miraculous.

Outside of my bedroom window a rose had bloomed on one of my – long over for the season – rosebushes in the middle of winter, in the cold, windy, rainy Pacific Northwest.

One big gorgeous pink and white rose fully open. How is that possible?

Still feeling immersed in this rapturous energy, I walked into the front of the house, opened the living room drapes and lo and behold, a large flowering 5’ bush, that has NEVER bloomed in 5 years, due to it being planted in an absolutely inappropriate place for it to flourish, (under the eves) was filled with thick juicy buds and seven flowers fully opened on it!

How is that possible? The first time in five years! It had completely shape-shifted overnight.

I again went into prayer and gratitude for the night of Love’s peaceful energy pouring upon this beautiful Planet and everyone on it, whether they knew it or not. I knew, we all needed it.

I know how deeply our beings thirst for this energy as we keep giving and pouring ourselves into this transcendent state that presses upon us day and night to give it more room to root.

I went outside and thanked the rose for blossoming and offering proof, against all odds, that anything is possible. I then went to the flowering bush out front who at long last was able to be opened into its full radiance, no longer held tightly inside of itself.

Mirrors, beautiful mirrors of magic and possibility.

I thanked the God of our Creation for all of the offerings, not just for me…so I could pass it on to you.

We are coming into a year beloveds that will expedite the delivery of endless possibilities. With eyes and hearts made ready to see, it will be proven time and again that magic is afoot and sooner than later we will realize that we are the magicians.

As I write this, again I say thank you to the Cosmic Magician that knew I would pass this experience on to you, not as a prophecy, not as a teaching, not as a pep talk, and not because I was given a transmission, only

To Remind Us That A Promise Made At The Beginning Of Time To Each and Every One of Us Is Being Kept.

New Info On “Mastering The God Experience”

I have been having several conversations with my Cosmic Collaborators, my Higher Self and my on the ground team regarding the Mastering The God Experience.

The conversations have been to clarify the way to present this experience to you by me and with my heaven to earth team, in a unique way, not a ‘just let’s give them more information way.’

I’m not interested in being your teacher, nor are those joining me. We are excited to present an experience for you that you can feel for yourself the life-changing effects of. And, that is laden with pearls of wisdom for you to embrace as you enter 2015, the year we are called upon to Master The God Experience.

Each are important in order that You are able to assimilate the restructuring of your Beingness as Gods in form, to feel what it’s like to become dependent on Love only, to feel yourself begin to shift into a new Divine template and to stand solidly in the 5th dimension.

I hope you’ll join us.

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May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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