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Lions Gate 2020

July 28, 2020

Lions Gate


A Magical, Unparalleled Journey Into The Sirian Stargate and Beyond



Dearest Hearts,

On July 22, 2020, with a blast of Supra Advanced Light Codes (in part through the Neowise Comet,) the passageway into the unprecedented Lions Gate on the 8-8 was opened. Lives that have been changing rapidly are about to reach an unprecedented level of their multi-dimensional awakening as a result of the sheer grit and Love for themselves, this Planet and each other…and the magnitude of multidimensional engagement and support not only in the Cosmos though on the Ground committed to it being so.

We are a miracle and a blessing to and for the Love that created us.

We are The New Humans seeding a new blueprint for all future generations coming to Earth…A New Earth. The power of our potential individually and together can no longer be minimized, undermined nor destabilized. The Earth and this Galaxy has been waiting for the New Human for a very long time.

For weeks the Sirian Royal Lions have been in my company and surrounding this Planet. For weeks I have been in and out of Council with the Sirians, my family. For just as many weeks the Archangelic Realm has let it be known they shall be an important part of the Lions Gate. (Only last week did I come to know that Archangel Ariel the Angel of Destiny also means Lion of God!)

During the Lions Gate Ceremony the New Human will be initiated by the Sirian Council to serve side-by-side with their star families and brothers and sisters from multi-dimensions to initiate a prolific Golden Age Cycle for Humanity.

The Sirian Royal Lions shall usher us through the Lions Gate guarded by the Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow insuring that each that goes through does so with a commitment to dispose of their former life attachments and commit to their future life prepared to create a New Reality and New Earth with strength, pride, majesty, unity, Love, Heart, integrity and sovereignty.

Joined by the Archangelic Realm, we shall be lead and frequentially amplified (by All,) with Love, Wisdom, Sacred Rays, Waves and Codes into our New Life Stream, Eternal Inheritance, Freedom and Multi-dimensional Unification thus far.

And Overlighted by the Divine Mother and Father we shall be enfolded into a New Spiral of Evolution and the greatest pulse of change ever on Earth.

I look forward to being with you on this Momentous Day.

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Infinite Love and Gratitude to All,
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