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Lift The Light: The Gathering

January 14, 2021


Lift The Light: The Gathering

Powerful Light Activity, Immersion & Activation

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Dearest Hearts,

We are in the Biggest Reset in Human History. Humanity is in great need of More Light. In a deep meditation with Source I was informed this Light must now come from US.

Following that meditation St. Germain came forth with these words: “I Am Victory to the Earth. You are Victory to the Earth. Long ago I decided to stay with you in the atmosphere of Earth until the Victory of Light throughout the Earth has taken its permanent dominion. You are needed now to build that momentum of Light and faithfully hold it. Your Mighty I AM Presence won’t acknowledge anything but Victory of the Light.”

As Stewards of New Earth and Harbringers of a New HUmanity there is a Divine call to action, a responsibility to engage in deliberate ways to lift ourselves, Earth and Humanity into new heights of Love, Light, Peace and Harmony as we hold VICTORY in our Hearts.

And so it is this will BE our focus as We Gather as One Chalice of Love intentionally, deliberately and together to Lift the Light.

In closing, I was also informed that, it is by our intention, union and activity To Lift The Light and claim Victory together in and through our Solar Hearts that WE are lifting the very energies that came to us on Solstice, further empowering ourselves to BEcome our Higher Selves and influence the whole of Humanity and the Cosmos. Right now that is our Purpose of BEing.

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With Eternal Love, Gratitude and Respect,

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