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Letter from Maureen

September 19, 2016

Dearest Hearts,

As most of you have known me for many years, it is rare that I write about myself personally. This letter, though personal in its nature, is about US at a very important time in our evolution.

When I read Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak in 1992, it opened my eyes to what I seemed to know to some degree by the time I entered my early thirties. A new blueprint for humanity was being created and many of us would find ourselves to be Keepers of a New Frequency and members of the Family of Light.

I didn’t know myself then to be a keeper of a new frequency or a member of the family of Light… only that I seemed to have unique awareness’s and intuitions, as did the people I drew to me.

Back then, I remember one of my friends called me the host of the Cosmos Bar, which still makes me smile. I loved hosting gatherings at my home for friends seeming to know of their Galactic and Universal existence. Harmoniously, we stimulated each other into further remembering and created a safe container to expand our awareness in.

One of those friends bought me a gift for my altar. It was a clear pyramid with the earth suspended inside it. He said, you have come here to help the planet heal and humanity to remember.

Interesting I thought, I have plenty of that to do for myself.

Nonetheless, during that time I had a poignant dream. I was at a council table with a myriad of Star Beings that were familiar. One in particular informed (or perhaps reminded me,) I had gone back to Earth as a broadcaster of Light to assist others in their evolution. My words, the Being said, both spoken and written, carried a frequency capable of up-leveling others consciousness.

Shortly after that dream, came my first on-going radio show in Arizona, Love Is On The Line. Then the books, The Nature of Bliss and Commitment To Love: Transforming Human Nature Into Divine Nature came forth in a graceful and exhilarating stream of consciousness. My first radio network, The World Puja Network came through a series of events that could only have been orchestrated from above this Earth. Through that medium I was taught day by day how to build an arc of Light. Ultimately more than 132 countries were reached and nearly 1 million listened.

For decades as I spoke, wrote, created events and taught, I moved through many dimensions (including this one,) with nonphysical beings showing, telling (in telepathic ways) and impressing into me greater Truths about myself, the realm in which we live on Earth, about darkness and Light, and the great task and importance of consciously carrying Light on a very discordant Planet.

I learned about the opportunity and immense capabilities of humanity, and I came to know about One Reality with infinite and unrestricted potentials meant to exist on Earth.

Simultaneously, like most if not all of you, I went through great and unexpected loss and betrayal, spiritual madness and dark nights of the Soul that went on far longer than seemed possible.

My life was a complete experience of the opposites.

The Pleiadians had made it clear, more than once, that through complete chaos and dismantling One Reality would exist on Earth and in each being at any cost (they weren’t kidding,) and a New Evolved Human would enter a Golden Age unlike any other.

We have entered it. We have reached the gates of our destiny as a Planet and a species. Now we have to clarify who we are and discover the way to open our particular gate of destiny.

With destiny at hand, let us come together now with One Intent and in activity to ground this new order of existence and identity into the One Matrix of Reality.

As the unfolding of the One Reality occurs and the birth of the New Human is made manifest I have been called to teach The New Human beginning October 11, 2016 as most of you reading this might already know.

This will be the last class/set of successive transmissions I will bring forth. Each, I am told, will take it from there.

As with every one of my callings I have not known the particulars, only that expansion will be prompted, great wisdom brought forth, first-hand experience will catapult those gathered into new paradigms of consciousness and transmissions will come from the Unified Field of the Great Cosmos.

Together as One the path of The New Human will be Lit Up for many.

With great honor and deep respect I look forward to being with each that are called.

Early registration for The New Human has been extended through Sunday, September 25, 2016. All scholarships have been offered. Click below for details.

The New Human

The New Human

May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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