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Internal Revelations Amplified

January 7, 2021

Internal Revelations Amplified

–Maureen Moss

Image Artist Katia Honor


Dearest Hearts,

Clearly we are Extraordinary HUman Beings who have been through a Herculean year. There ought be no doubt that whatsoever shall be put before us or rises up from within, is not more of the same. It is opportunity to continue our journey into the ever increasing brilliance of the Radiant One that WE are.

This year of 2021 shall find us in a rapid succession of opportunities created by the outer world or induced by our inner one to glean deeper internal revelations flowing from our Sacred Solar Heart Center that in turn amplifies our current state of transformation.

Transformations are never total. Always there is a continuum of transcendental evolution.

A friend shared in conversation just prior to the turn of the New Year, “I Am entering this year one breath at a time, one footstep at a time, reacting to nothing…focused on the inner not the outer.”

Wise words. The outer world as we know is unsettled, rootless and on the threshold of serving up numerous animated revelations having nothing to do with US unless we choose to abandon the Harmony of Consciousness and get hooked once again in the game of duality, futility, illusion and suffering … losing ourselves in the program… giving away our power. There will be and is a great deal of effort to attempt to make that so. Long has there been war against the Collective and personal Light of Truth and humanities inherent right to be Sovereign, Self-Governing Free Beings. WE the awakened are on that threshold.

What I heard repeatedly throughout the trials and tribulations of 2020 from my internal, eternal is Don’t Betray Your GOD SELF. If you are compelled to watch the other…watch from the balcony unmoved.

We live in the moments and opportunity now of daily Quantum Awakening… beyond the known, beyond the repetitive, beyond the unsettled, beyond rationale, beyond the promises of the warring, greed stricken world. The entirety of our Wisdom, our Power, our Peace, our Well-Being our Light, Love and Freedom lives within.

This is the time now to Lift The Light… to take what was given on Solstice through the Star of Bethlehem and unlock ALL of the Divinity within.

This is the time now to focus on internal revelations as the Solar Radiance intensifies through the Sacred Temple of the Heart gifting each One the opportunity then to become wise stewards of Holiness, of Unity, of Peace, the Sacred Breath and ones True Nature. Watch then the calming experienced throughout Your World.

In the heat of any moment go internal… breathe the Breath of God and hold the zero-point frequency within your Sacred Heart where Immaculate Wisdom flows, Grace is had and the Holy Spirit of the Violet Flame enfolds you. Within your Sacred Heart as well is the Stargate…the bridge… connecting to worlds beyond worlds and the pulse of Pure Love, Unified Light and Oneness.

2021 may well begin with chaos and discord out there though it will end the moment Any One embraces their Mystical Self as the Light of the Living God.

Eternal Love, Blessings and Deep Respect,

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