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August 28, 2018

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September 2018 Newsletter
Integrate and Ignite

(…and Transcripts to Assist)

Dearest Hearts

After the most intimate, intense, back-to-back exchange (since 1991) with eclipses, planets, star systems, gateways, Diamond Light codes, Royal Lion codes, and The Ray of Gods Will streaming into our DNA through the Great Central Sun … we, for the most part are physically spent and absent of reference points as we put both feet and full hearts this month into a New Spiral of our Human Evolution.

The relief on one hand is undeniable. On the other, reconciling the separation completely from our former selves in order to integrate and ignite with clarity and Self-Honoring everything that has been given… no small feat. For although everything we have just been through was for the ALL…simultaneously it was very personal.

During the Lions Gate event there was one point as we stood in the Diamond Heart Center of The Great Central Sun that we were ‘told’ we were each being given a specific transmission on how to work personally with the incoming codes and energies to bring our true selves to Life…(to be interpreted by each one later.)

Whether you were physically present or not the same holds true. Each of us knows which fragments remain needing to be compassionately left (not focused on,) to die peacefully…freeing you to experience the whole of your miraculous Life on a sacred New Earth.

Your Greater Reality

The Royal Lion Beings made it a point to say (in part): Your New Earth will act as a model for the exodus of consciousness from the Earth’s magnetic fields of duality into multi-dimensional, multi-versal consciousness of unity, infinity and love. It is to be agreed upon by each prior to your passage unto it that you be in service to this Holy land and all life upon it and beneath it with strength, bravery, and heart.

The Sirian Masters said (in part): Passing into new life you will find it necessary, non-negotiable, and a relief to collapse and forfeit certain aspects of your personal current timeline, enabling you to harmonize with humanity’s new spiral of evolution, intercepting with many other dimensions of advanced intelligence and love.

 In place of what you forfeit you will gain what cannot be collapsed nor interfered with: love of all and for all, self-government, integrity, inner strength, clarity, peace, creativity, wisdom of the ages, and knowledge and interaction with your eternal existence, each being foundational to your personal quantum reality and creation of a new world formed from the substance of your consciousness.

All of the above being emphasized to assure your (Our) greatest relationship and priority during these next couple of months leading up to the 11:11 Doorway is integration of our highly activated, empowered True Selves and ignition of creativity and integrity of being within your/our own body of matter.

In Your Sacred Heart Is A New Octave of Yourself

In your body lies your time-coded Immaculate Concept for your New Divine Human Blueprint…New Soul Mission…New Octave of Yourself.

A magnificent grid of Light and sacred geometry within your sacred heart has kept if safe until your vibrational field was ripe for its unfathomable perfection to be revealed.

It is destined to play itself out piece by piece through integration, direct connection and relationship with the sacred acceleration codes and activations that in great part also came from your Soul, Oversoul and I Am Presence penetrating deeply into your being.

It stabilizes through consistent and congruent thought, word, choice and activity.

And, it comes fully alive through the ignition of internal harmony, unity, joy, peace, trust, Love and Of One Self.

Each unfolding layer then immerses you into the Heart of who you are now and joyfully unites you with your physical God Presence.

None of this is meant to be laborious. It is meant to be joyful, enticing, revelatory, mystical, energizing and empowering.

It is meant for you to have a hand, a heart and a clear say in your Creation… in your Life…in your Reality… and your Earth. And, as a commitment to Love… to leave all of your made-up, exhausted, dense-self behind…before the rest unceremoniously shatters.

The Transcripts To Assist

To further assist in this integration and ignition process that will also prepare you then for the next big event, the 11-11 Doorway which Archangel Metatron said, entails a leap into freedom achieved only by embodying one’s full God Presence before anyone passes through the Doorway…I am offering the transcripts of two events as specifically guided… The Lions Gate and Honoring The Sacred-Honoring You. Each are sacred activations at the highest levels and sacred text.

This is the first time I have offered transcriptions of any globally channeled, highly encoded, transcendent event.

Reading the spoken words and receiving the encodements, wisdom and activations at your pace brings deeper alignment and integration with what was given and by whom throughout both events… with codes meant to be interpreted through your body… with your feelings and awareness of your New Soul Purpose… your heightened value and worth…your personal New Spiral of Evolution and the very reason you came to Earth.

These transcripts are sacred texts to be used daily to raise your frequency, open your heart, expand your lightbody, unite with your God Presence and fully IGNITE your passion to create your New Reality and build the New World you carry within you.

*By definition integrate means to combine one thing with another so they become whole.

*By definition ignite means to inflame or arouse. (Definitions by Merriam-Webster.)

May these sacred transcripts (link below) bless you with a mystical conversion each time they are read.

Know You Are Loved!

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