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God’s Conversation with Me

July 27, 2012

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well.

Yesterday I spent hours in my backyard in stillness. I needed it. I noticed I have been craving stillness and nature more than food or water.

Surrounded by nature (and beautiful weather) I set myself in my lounge chair, journal, and a few good books to be positioned facing the mountain in the distance, with my rose and butterfly bushes up close. I took several deep breaths of gratitude for this day as a deer sauntered through the yard, and my cat was curled up in his favorite chair.

Within about ten minutes two butterflies started dancing only a few feet in front of me. Enjoying their play and clearly appreciating and honoring their path of transformation into liberation and freedom, I turned my thoughts to humanity.

My heart started thinking about what it has taken and is taking (and giving) for each one of us to go from a 3D seemingly finite human being lost in illusion, to an infinite and Divine human being, setting sail towards a new Reality. Guided to pick up my journal, I started writing about what we said yes to.

Rewiring, rebooting, solar flares, emotional flares, transits, retrogrades, separation anxiety, merging with our I Am Presence, learning how to love ourselves, learning how to love each other, over-lighting our shadows, walking in and out of our dark nights of the soul, moving into our Light Bodies, being happy for no reason, releasing our baggage (somewhere,) staying out of the story, transcending, transmuting, transcendental meditation.

Then of course how to harmonically converge with everything, and everyone, connect deeply and daily to God, get pushed through one eye of the needle after another, (to widen the plateau for our souls growth,) lose everything seemingly sacred, raise our vibrations, expand our energy fields, realize and do something with the fact that we are multidimensional beings, walk through the valley of the shadow of death 1,000 times or more, forgive, forget, and remember.

And then, have a few hundred Light activations, learn about our Mer-ka-Na, our Mer-ka-Ba, become authentic, be present, remain unattached, unaffected and balanced (!) don’t take anything personally, stay in gratitude and good health, transform a Planet, create a New World, and become God in form, fully.

I sat and stared at the page, in a bit of shock and a lot of awe.

Then I thought, seriously did anyone attempt to stop us from this Herculean feat? We would stop a child from eating too many cookies for goodness sake! Truth is, even if someone of our illustrious pre-this life Council said, “Perhaps you are taking on a bit too much this time,” together, with our souls, we knew we were mighty and powerful, genetically pre-disposed to our Mother/Father God, and we could do the seemingly impossible and change the course of history forever more, and down we came.

How could any one of us, I thought, think we are not amazing, miraculous, powerful, profound, and worthy of everything?!

We are Supreme, courageous, beings of Light!
I AM a Supreme, Courageous, Being of Light!

I said those words out loud and then my heart chakra blew wide open, as tears spilled from my eyes. At the deepest level of my being, I felt an endless amount of love and connection to each one of you for agreeing to take on a feat of such proportion and magnitude, and brailing our way through it, that merely calling it a transformation sounds ridiculous. You are amazing, and I honor and love you.

And, I am deeply grateful for those that chose the experience of the opposite, not to transform at this time, but instead to play darkness and hatred out loud, in order that others would consciously choose otherwise and seek Oneness rather than destructive separation. Sooner than later that unnatural destructive separation will shift (the real reason it is being so starkly highlighted now.)

I deeply feel love for the many that are going through upheavals, pounding energies and ‘seeming’ loss, not even understanding why. Can you imagine the parts of ourselves that don’t understand the reasons why? I thought of our Oneness, in our many parts.

While in my stillness and feelings, I quietly heard Spirit say, “Open your heart wider, and take a breath.” I did. As I did I could feel myself being transported deeper into the vibrating resonance of God. There was no place, where peace and Oneness was not. I took a deeper breath. I felt the grace.

“The love and cohesiveness you feel is the vibration of Oneness, the uncomplicated vibration necessary for any of human nature to make their ascension, were it to be sustained. It is from this level of vibration that all Light can easily flow within you, all Love can consume you, all Life can easily be accessed by you, and all that is Me can easily express as you.

Connect deeper. Become the spiral within the vibration oscillating as One. Allow yourself to be consumed within the spiral of Oneness, called forth by your I Am Presence. Connect with it deeper still.

Go beyond the connection now and merge with it as One. (The Voice was coming from inside of my heart, rather than my head.) I continued to merge with the vibration as guided.

You have each made your decisions to be on the steepest curve of evolution than any species that previously walked before you. You chose on behalf of Love, both for your Soul’s evolution, and to allow Me to make a full descent and eventually to have full expression through each of you on your Planet of Earth that are willing to persevere and adjust through such demands.

You are in the highest service you may never imagine while on your Planet Earth. What you do on the outside is secondary to what you do on the inside.

Eventually the inner and outer world will be seamless, having no distinction.

I ask you now to learn to hold the vibration of Me inside of you, steadily, in the days and months ahead, as the final preparations to complete this cycle of time, conclude. Come to me daily. I will help you hold Me and inflame Me within you. You will then cross the threshold between the old world and the new. That is My Promise to you.

You have all of my tendencies and capabilities, Beloved Ones. Remember that. Let your ‘self’ go so I may enter and have a greater expression as you. If this is to occur I must be in the midst of you, always. A moment of Oneness is but a taste of your fullness.

The next step in your evolution is to experience your fullness, without attachment, through stabilized vibrations of love, peace, harmony and Oneness. I AM a stabilized vibration of each, having neither a thought nor a feeling about it. I simply Am That. And so it shall be sooner or later for each one of you as your craving for freedom takes you over.”

And so it is that my evolutionary pilgrimage continues, along with further conversations and guidance. What I know for sure is the desire for God to express in full regalia through us is not just a metaphor or a topic of conversation. It is Truth and if we allow it, it will be our greatest adventure on this Earth.

Know you are loved.


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