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February 27, 2018

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Dearest Hearts,

2018! In Like A Lion surrounded by chaotic nodes… higher and lower coherency passing through chaotic events… along with a pot of final reckonings, identity reconfiguration particles, radical honesty with Self and others, quantum no-need-to-know molecules and minute-to-minute reality checks boiling. Welcome to the Super Level of Mastery, Mystery and Embodiment.

As this is written we are in the midst of a fairly intense back and forth period between widely separated regions of space and time (deep space and earth,) and entering a small though significant window of opportunity to dissolve the drama of Ascension and alter the trajectory of our evolutionary path as we come upon this month’s Total Lunar Eclipse Blue Moon.

Helping us along, we are in a rare (first in 18 years,) celestial gathering of deeply feminine planets, escalating an upleveling of Diamond consciousness, feminine value and worth, capitalization of purpose (without manipulation or force,) and heightened opportunity for freedom.

Those born under the sign of Taurus (me) according to Lorna Brevan (Hare in the Moon Astrology), have enormous leverage and the great opportunity to make the leap to where the magic always happens-in uncharted territory… though we have to stop dead in the familiar ruts of our comfort zone. 

Undeniably that is true for us all to varying degrees though clearly I was deposited in a first-hand field of experiencing everything occurring, I have written. This report comes from the field.

From the Field

From December 11, 2017 thru January 11, 2018 I found myself being flipped back and forth like a coin between multi-dimensional fields of experience before landing in a field of emptiness and freedom.

It began on the magical side.

On my way for a brief trip to Arizona, I called in by name my travel team of guides. Unwittingly I included Archangel Gabriel (whom I don’t often travel with.) On my way to the airport there was a sign posted alongside the freeway that read Future Church of Archangel Gabriel. Not once in 15 years have I seen that sign.

Quickly Gabriel’s presence was palpable, though much lighter in nature than usual. The magic began.

First, in the form of being upgraded to First Class, next having my mid-level rental car upgraded to a Mercedes, having my Casita upgraded to a Casita Suite, and finally being upgraded to First Class on my way home. My joy and gratitude for the playful and fun was clearly communicated to Gabriel who had become my traveling companion.

It flipped to the side of mayhem.

Within 24 hours of returning home the magic turned to mayhem… a sudden halting and turning inside out of everything I was engaged in, including new creations and those connected to it.

Not understanding how or why this could possibly happen, Archangel Gabriel, still present, said to me there are two sides to grace. I was advised to stop, watch, allow and align with the flipped coin.

As the shock, disorientation and sadness subsided, I began aligning with the radically swift shift. My senses and intuition were greatly enhanced as this side of the coin remained heads up.

Certainties, beliefs and people perfectly placed became fast catalysts for higher perception. My identity as it was, stopped. At one point feeling sensations of death that turned into floating amongst waves of emptiness, I wondered if I could Master this space though still be creative.

Through deep meditations, Cosmic downloads, soul sister uploads and physical sensations I have no words for… the remains of my ancient path and programming were carved out of me and an entirely new state of expanded being was set into motion. It was undeniable. It is undeniable.

I don’t think the same, desire the same, feel the same or believe the same. When I attempt to scratch the itch from the now amputated illusions I know it is a phantom itch requiring in-the-moment adjustment.

At the completion of those 30 days I was directly informed by Source your karma is complete, your missions are complete, the way you have served is complete and your agreements met.

Long knowing my agreements were hefty and long knowing the imperative to evolve was not only for myself though for the very fabric of Creation and the very nature of Heaven…as it is for all of us… never have I gone beyond the knowing and felt freedom and the intrinsic nature of Mastery in my body.

This is the next phase of embodiment.

The Reasons For This Sharing From The Field

First, decades ago Source informed me wisdom and knowledge based on first-hand experience is of most benefit to humanity. It is relatable and does not place the illumined mind above all else.

All of humanity is going through a radical re-defining and deep re-alignment unlike what we have up to this point. The end of vacillating between realities has come to a close. (Think unsupported and consequential.) It’s not difficult to feel that in our heart, or have deep feelings of acting on behalf of our well-being.

One either goes forward now or will be halted for a period of time. (Being informed of that was one of the biggest prompters of letting my evolution just rip.) No one is exempt from the precision of this radical evolutionary time… its expansion, consequences, grace or potential.

Note: With so much written and spoken about what is possible (and it is true), be mindful to stay away from the giddiness of potential. Potential comes from internal mastery.

The depths and heights of what is possible for each one can only occur when the movement of the mind has been grounded in profound surrender and stillness. From that stabilized point one is able to honestly redefine their relationship to Self, to Love, Life, Creation, value, thought, choice, and to potentialThat is freedomThat is Mastery.

Right now in this boiling pot of everything, we are being given the catalysts, influencers and opportunities to embody our greater…if not only… true evolutionary purpose and potential.

As one of my long-time guides Abraham has said, the jig is up…the very reason many are going through crisis of identity, purpose, value and of worth.

No one is capable of experiencing freedom while in fragmentation and imbalance. And no one has to. Though freedom has had no history amongst humans…the potential exists to change history, now.

Meet your catalysts heads up without personalization. Each will bless you and shatter all the illusions about enlightenment and liberation and how they occur.

The second reason I shared what I did has to do with my radio show At The Table With Maureen, with Private Sessions and plans for a new website. Each have changed greatly in the past now 45 days along with the rest of me.

Regarding Each

Having spent the past 35+ years of life in the public eye whether corporate or spiritual and having a particular identity, theme, or format I am choosing to embark in both life and all creative adventures without a particular way of its being and without a regular schedule.

At The Table With Maureen will be a mix of what feels right, relevant and in alignment with my heart in the moment. At times it will be an interview, other times a conversation, sometimes a round-table with colleagues and friends, Master teachers I previously spoke on air with, or a teaching for the time from me.​

At The Table launches in February. Next week we will send you the particulars and you will receive notifications of each happening. Also there will be a calendar on my site to see what’s upcoming.

Masterful Living Sessions are explained fully on its new page on my current website. I look forward to working with you in a new way that harmonizes and maximizes your greatest potentials and creative natures in a highly accelerated New World.

My Website. I had planned for a launch of a new site in January. That was stopped. As the days of my New Reality unfold so to will the website. In the meantime, there are updates to the current site and more to come in the week ahead.

In the weeks ahead remember Grace has two sides… embrace your catalysts and Go For Your Freedom!

Know you are loved.

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