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December 23, 2014

Dearest Hearts,

I knew I was going to send you a message from my heart to yours to thank you for your longstanding love and blessings, to wish you a Happy Holiday and a New Year that is filled with more love, more grace, more joy, more of you knowing how loved and watched over you are, more peace in every fiber of your being, and you deeply remembering, embracing and loving who you truly are.

I knew that. I didn’t know that Spirit, Divine Creator would deliver a message so clearly to me during my walking meditation this morning, that I was to send to you the below message.

It is one that was given to me by Spirit several years ago. One that had tears streaming down my face, as it was written through me both then and now. With each word I felt such undeniable love. I pray you will as well.

I pray the grace and love embedded in this Divine Message will blanket you with deep comfort, and a knowing that you are so very loved.

Happy Holidays Beloveds.


I AM here with you my child. I Am here. I Am here to help you fully awaken.

I Am here to watch over you and to love you as you fully awaken to your power and use your Divine heritage to lead by example.

Since the beginning of your Creation, I have always known you would awaken to your powerful Divine Self, because you promised that you would.

I have long known that you would keep your promise even when you went into the deepest of sleeps.

I Am here with you as you take your final breaths as sleeping Beings, and awaken to the Powerful Being that you are.

I am here to remind you of promise’s I made to you in exchange for the promise you made to Me.

I promised that I would never judge one moment of your journey to your awakened Self.

And I do not.

I promised that I would support your every awakened moment.

And I do.

I promised that I would move Heaven closer to you upon your awakening, and it is being done in this moment.

And, I promised I would come ever closer to you as you came closer to yourself.

And I AM.

I Am in awe of the Masterpiece I created in you, as you.
I Am in awe of your beauty and your courage and your commitment
And, I Am honored to have a part of Me living inside of you.

In the center of your heart is where I have kept company with the most powerful part of you awaiting your arrival. Now that you have arrived, will you continue to keep company with Me?

Will you cease looking for external understanding to validate your eternal worth? Your worth never existed in the world external nor through a mortal mind.

It always has and always will lie in the center of your heart with Me and from time to time it will be reflected back to you from the world external, but not always.

I want you to know that your very presence, when fully awakened, allows every other being of My Creation a greater opportunity to experience their greatness.

You have been created to make a difference in My world. And I love you.

Will you believe Me when I tell you how grateful I Am that I created you exactly as you are? And will you come to peace knowing that Truth?

Do you know how much I love you?

When you forget, come to Me and I will remind you. When you remember, come to Me and we will celebrate.

I will make two more promises to you and I ask you to make two to Me.

Never forget Who You Are and I promise that I will always take care of you.

Promise to never push Me away and I promise to show you daily, the many ways in which I Love You.

May the Light of ALL that is good and great and powerful and wise accompany you on your magnificent journey, Magnificent One. I travel inside of your every footstep.


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May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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