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Five Steps To Switching Consciousness

October 29, 2009

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

While working with a client from New Zealand last week, a question was posed to me as to the method to go about switching consciousness. Immediately one of my Master Guides who works with me in each session began to speak clearly about how to effectively and sustainably switch consciousness. In the moment I wanted to write it all down but my focus had to stay on holding myself open for the information to come through, and helping her make the shift.

Afterward however, I sat in meditation asking for further clarity about effectively switching consciousness, so we can stop playing ping-pong with our mental minds and stop dodging bullets from other sources causing mental manipulation. I began to receive downloads that day and every day since!

Below I will begin to share some (more later) of the information given to me, and then unfold one of the powerful five step techniques.

Humanity’s future depends upon getting completely out of the 3D Matrix by switching out of a mortally skewed, scattered, unenlightened, and limited consciousness about everything (particularly about ourselves and money, I was told) into God Consciousness or unconditioned consciousness, regardless of the world external, what we’ve been told, or what we tell ourselves that is not the Truth about our current conditions. And, we are to do so deftly and consistently if we are to experience true ascension and stay immune from the “not so Light” intrusions and manipulations that are being dropped like bombs into the mental mind. (Not much time left to keep playing on the periphery.)

It was expressed to me repeatedly that Ascension cannot be attained until we meet God in our unconditioned consciousness. God exists, in our unconditioned consciousness. God delivers, in our unconditioned consciousness. And, through an unconditioned consciousness we find freedom from current unwanted realities and actual relationship with the desired ones.

One may ask the question, how is it possible for a conditioned mind to change into an unconditioned one after decades of conditioning? Simply put, the mind, as you well know, changes anytime one gives it orders to. That is The Law of Reversibility in action, whereby a new psychological state introduced by us to the subconscious mind, over a specific period of time produces a new physical fact.

Now we need to use this law to our advantage, learning how to stay fastened to our higher minds and our deepest desires, uninterrupted long enough to stabilize our internal state and produce a new outer state, particularly as the obvious wild external and internal frenzy continues and more and more demands are being placed on us to live way out of our former comfort zones.

We have to find new comforts, and we can. We have to stabilize our minds, and we can. We have to come back into balance, and we can. And, we have to use the laws and the tools God gave us to rise above the times we are facing. A plan of action is required, and the 5 steps below will give you a jump-start.

What is being strongly implied is that now, not later, we must take the workings of creation and of reality into our own hands by learning how to switch into sustained higher consciousness – if we are to know for ourselves the true secret of life.

I am asked to impart the urgency and methods to do so in order that you, me, US…are living in a resurrected state of consciousness during the most historic and demanding times of our human lives. Bless our hearts, I have no idea how we will make it through otherwise, which is why we are being advised strongly to use ourselves and Universal Law properly now. It will be our saving grace.

Switching consciousness is a skill required for ascension.

It’s important to understand that consciousness has a dual nature, as it includes the subconscious mind, though it is of One accord. The subconscious mind is bound by Universal design and law to be the conductor that turns whatever it is fed by the conscious mind into reality. It is both impartial and incapable of discerning whether what it has been fed is good for the states of our life or not. It simply does its job of objectifying or solidifying all things in our lives in accordance with our or beliefs and assumptions. We must learn how to feed it properly.

Through the alchemical power of choosing any idea or state one wishes to attain, then imagining and feeling (impregnating) it over a specific period of time into the subconscious mind, followed by entering into a Sabbath or rest period, one will then have control over their creation, one piece at a time.

Shifting consciousness takes six days, with the seventh day being a day of rest. During this time, consciousness assumes things that are not yet seen, as though they were. This technique must be precise, for if it is not, you will have to begin again.

Five Steps To Switching Consciousness

  1. Accept as so, that you are the architect of your world. Accept as so, that as of this day you are willing to let your consciousness assume ‘a state,’ that is not yet so. As of this day you are building your world anew, with the consciousness of a God, not a victim held captive by anything currently suggested by outer appearances.
  2. Name and clearly define your desired state in writing. Define your desired state with care and heart, not mind and ego. Do not seek to assume a state to fix what you perceive to be broken. Nothing is broken. Remember you are crafting your resurrected state with the consciousness of a God. Nothing needs fixing. Consciousness simply needs to be switched.
  3. Now you must mystically marry the desired state. You are asked here to be in a definite and deeply felt state of assumed unconditioned consciousness.

    Make a vow of acceptance to the state you have claimed. Close your eyes and take three slow and steady breaths into the center of your heart. Breathe out all tension.

    Next, breathe in the feeling of your married state. Breathe out a sigh of relief. Breathe in the feeling of your desired state realized. Breathe out a sigh of relief. Breathe in the feeling of freedom, accepting this state as realized. Breathe out a sigh of relief. Finally breathe in a feeling of deep gratitude. Breathe out a sigh of peace.

    With this step you are binding yourself in a vibrant, warm, alive state of feeling to your desired state. Take this marriage seriously and joyfully. Assume the attitude of a glorious lover bound to its partner. Doing so impregnates (impresses) the subconscious, the conductor and expresser of all conscious thought. Impressions cannot be made without sincere feeling. Be sure you feel your connection before moving forward.

  4. (The tricky part.) You are to hold this definite and deeply felt state of consciousness for six full days without ever once questioning how your desired state can or will be made manifest. This is the deepest meaning of surrender and faith. Each day you are diminishing the power of conditioned consciousness. Each day you are taking back more of your authentic power. Each day more of the switch in consciousness will be realized. Each day your are coming closer to the state in which God can deliver, unhindered by grace, in magical ways. Soon your mind will become your servant, rather than the reverse.
  5. On the seventh day, the Sabbath, rest and be still in order that your desired state can incubate. This day is as important as each day that preceded it. Don’t lose the feeling, and please don’t use this day to probe into anything. Simply be in the feeling of, “it is done, and so be it.” Rest.

If you have been precise and diligent, you will witness a new world emerge for you, a world that you recognize you have control over. You will have made a sustainable psychological and spiritual adjustment. You will know the way to switch into God consciousness, regain your power, your dignity, and your freedom.

In closing, this is not a task that can be taken lightly or sporadically or it will not work. Once you use this formula as suggested, you will know that your capacities are infinite. This formula works. It is not magic. It is simply in accordance with Universal Law. Please do not stop using this formula until you have completely switched consciousness in every area of your life. Don’t forget to upgrade the consciousness you hold about yourself, as this is THE most important one.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss

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