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Equinox Soul Activation

March 12, 2019

Equinox…Full Moon
A Powerful Inter-Dimensional Gateway
Soul Activation & Immersion

A new origin point for your entire existence to the evolutionary, magical and Sacred is based on the Soul fusion and Soul synthesis made through your body.
—Maureen Moss


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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Beloved Masters, Angelics, Tribe of One Heart,

A return to the pattern of wholeness has taken on a Life of its own as our entire existence takes on New Life.

The pure, palpable Presence of the Divine…the Cosmic Masters from Jeshua/Sananda, Mary Magdalene/Lady Nada, the Elohim the Angelic/Archangelic Realm, Sirian Masters, the Arcturians, Pleadians and more let us know of the Sacredness of this time we live. They let us know we are a Universal Priority in a very powerful field of transcendence this month.

Never in my life have I felt such Joy and Love on this Planet nor in my own heart… nor seen the sincere unfoldings of Self-Love, as Consciousness becomes more than a 13 letter word.

And Gaia, as deep and catalytic as her rumblings have been isn’t stopping shaking off density and raising her vibration daily to be who and how she was intended … like so many of us returning to our Real… purging, resetting and changing the dynamics by which we are able now to make a clean break and recovery from the random, erratic and chaotic Matrix.

All the unwavering catalysts have opened powerful inter-dimensional doorways for our Soul to begin descending deeper into our physical bodies far beyond any other time in human history…and far beyond imagination.

Our Soul

Receiving its impulses from the Mother Soul of Creator Source, our Souls act as Creative Agents on behalf of God desiring to create joyfully through our bodies in accordance to our Original Blueprint.

When we are in alignment with our Souls we can rest assured we are being steered in the right direction to meet our Magical Destiny.

From Jeshua: The human Soul longs for a reality experience of Joy and Wellbeing which only physical life congruent, balanced and clear can give it. And, the physical body longs for an immortality experience, which only the soul can give it.

Your bodies and Souls long for Union in order to fulfill the direct experience of feeling what it feels like to be the Love that you are.

On The Day of the Equinox

And so it is, on the day of the Equinox, wherein a Powerful, Coherent, Inter-Dimensional Gateway opens that extends from March 19-21, 2019 depending upon where you live in the world…

We will meet in the middle on Wednesday March 20, 2019 to utilize the amplified and accelerated field to first create One Chalice of Love on Earth and in the center of the Equinox Gateway…

And then, to activate and calibrate the Union of your Physical Body and Soul to further restructure your Second Life and attune it to the Quality of Divinity.

The closer to your Soul…the closer to your Destiny.
The Closer to your Destiny…the closer to Pure Joy.

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One Chalice…One Love
Photo by Silivia Avedkian

Infinite Love & Infinite Joy,

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