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Equinox Gateway

March 15, 2021


Equinox Gateway

Meditation, Zero-Point Balance, Gateway Activation

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Dearest Hearts,

What we have been experiencing leading up to Equinox has been a massive restructuring down to the frequencies of the water within our Being, as well as DNA unlocking in order we be made more clear, more aware and more realized to receive and hold the much Higher Frequencies, Heart Coherence, Quantum Awareness, Re-sets and Encodements coming upon us and Gaia on Equinox.

This Equinox Gateway is an ‘Ascension Trigger’ pouring forth NEW Crystalline Diamond Light Codes we were not previously ready for, Cosmic Intelligence and Diamond Heart Coherence…all being ‘triggers’ for the upleveling of HUmanity and Gaia. It is as well, a much needed zero-point field (a day-out-of time,) and a powerful inter-dimensional gateway for our Soul to descend deeper into our physical bodies… far beyond any other time in human history…and far beyond imagination.

Quite some time ago Yeshua shared “the human Soul longs for a reality experience of Joy and Well-Being which only physical life congruent, balanced and clear can give it. And, the physical body longs for an immortality experience, which only the Soul can give it.”

This upcoming Equinox takes us into the field of its Infinite Potential as a Sacred Offering and Omnipotent Power Source.

It is on this day, March 20, 2021 we shall gather to amplify this Quantum Zero-point field of re-coding and re-setting and optimize, activate and calibrate all that is given to support the undeniably changing nature of Your Reality and Gaia’s as well.

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With Eternal Love,

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