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Energy Update/ Equinox Gathering

September 16, 2021



Balance, Unification, Activation, Stillness

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Beloved Hearts,

Words almost fail for what we have been experiencing since the Lions Gate. Were I to sum it up perhaps I would say we are having the experience of the never before Self-Realized Journey Home over the extreme back-drop of preposterous unconsciousness attempts to control humanity.

What has made it even more challenging is the intense transfer of Consciousness and energy that is occurring not only from our Higher Self/Soul Self, though the transfer of Consciousness and energy incoming from 5/6D Consciousness into our bodies…particularly from 5D where the Christ Consciousness is anchored and the Blue-Light of Divine Creation illuminates God’s Light unto all other star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy with a massive focus on Human BEings living on Earth, now. As well, where the One Will of God has been secured and the energy of God’s Will is blazing directly into our consciousness. (I talked about that quite a bit during the Lions Gate.)

In any case, that all being a snapshot not including the Solar activity and raining plasma rocking our body and earth and other Cosmic and Earth Activity all creating the feeling of being in a pressure cooker pressuring out all 3D and 4D Consciousness from every cell, atom, memory and particle from our bodies.

The Bliss/Joy moments and days or simply leveling out come from being loosened from the concentration of energies and experiencing greater Truths and Self-Realization that our Consciousness has raised thus releasing pressure from the emotional body and Heart. We can breathe more easily and it is joyful to run-around or Be still in Raised Consciousness with its Radiant Light. It is then we can experience everything and everyone else from the next level/Higher level of ourselves with a much clearer perspective enabling us to make clearer, wiser choices. That being crucial as we head into the latter part of this year.

Thus the Equinox a 22 day out of time, a powerful Gateway of transition, of unification and shift… and our Gathering… wherein we come together and form a Unified Chalice of One Love to receive a beautiful flow of support from the Divine Cosmic Mother particularly, which shall help balance and level all of the energies we’ve been experiencing. Also to equalize the energies within each one’s mind, Heart and Soul helping each experience greater stabilization, which we really can use right now. This will better prepare us for the months ahead leading into 2022 calling strongly for our Mastery and an activation of our innate Freedom Codes. We will also enter into a period of stillness and have the opportunity to unify more deeply with the Divine Master Presence of Self.

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I look forward to our BEing together.

Infinite Love and Blessings to All,

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