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Happy 2020 New Year

December 31, 2019

Beloved Hearts,

As we begin our second lives in a new decade there is so much love, honor, deep respect and gratitude in my heart for each of you beautiful Souls. I thank you for your courage, your commitment, your tenacity, your strength and commitment to Love…for without that, not one of us would be here now.

I thank many of you for being a part of my life and work for literally decades. I thank the incredible Tribe of One Heart and all who gather world-wide as a Chalice of One Love consistently to raise their frequency and the earths frequency, lift the heart of humanity, shift the grid of consciousness and by example of living/Being Love and embodying Christ/Christess Consciousness…lifting the Cosmos.

2020 is going to be quite the year…. fast-paced, 5 eclipses, unprecedented planetary alignments, a learning curve of working gracefully with our new physical frequencies and energetics as we become accustomed to and embrace the highest aspects of ourselves and live as Soulful Agents of the Divine.

I am committed to being a part of the New Earth as a New Galactic/Angelic Human Steward and I am committed to you and the best ways to work with the Powerful New Earth activities and New Creation Patterns.

We shall continue to gather, (the first Jan. 12, 2020.) We will work throughout the year with the Great Central Sun, our Sun, the Diamond Headquarters, New Incoming Ascended Codes and Waves, new tools for 5D living… and with many in the Cosmos including The Sirian and Royal Lions (which they have looked forward to for a very, very, long time to help us build our new world using consciousness and Heart.)

For now and always, I wish for you the most Blessed, Magical, Love-Filled, Healthy and Happy New 2020 Year. We enter into it together as beautiful Souls with loving hearts prepared to take our Rightful place in this beautiful Galaxy with our jewel of a Planet.

I Love You,
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