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Divine Descent

December 17, 2010

Dearest Hearts,

As the clock strikes the midnight hour on December 31, 2010, more than just another New Years Day will arrive. With it there will be an inrush of frequencies and energies to make the words of Jesus, “that the things you see me do you shall do also, but greater,” a reality.

A prophecy spoken more than two thousand years ago will turn into our Truth, if we allow it to, and not for one person but for as many that choose. Our time has come, to do greater and be greater, en masse.

The diamond heart and the diamond mind of Creative Intelligence, is ready to make its entrance, in full regalia, through us, now.

There is but one requirement. We must let God, The Divine, make a full descent inside of us; a full descent, as Jesus did. This time, we are all the chosen ones, every single solitary one of us, without exception.

More than 2,000 years ago there was one man, backed by (more than) a dozen Apostles and undeniably powerful women, who was willing, thus made able, to allow the Divine to fully descend into him, giving him the power to make the seemingly impossible, possible and granting him the greatest gift of all – the ability to love, without conditions, perhaps the most difficult of all feats.

Now we stand in the gateway to do the same.

We have been pushed, and prodded, ripped open and torn apart for years now, (actually, for lifetimes) and for profound reason; to appropriate the highest human potential possible in each and every one of us, in order that the Divine would have an unobstructed pathway to descend into us.

This interweaving, would in turn, allow us to live fully as the Gods we were created to be, expressing and experiencing our powers and magnificence, while in a body. This was and is an act of love beyond measure, equally from us to say yes, in order to change the course of human history forevermore, and from our Creator.

It has taken a love of Divine proportion, and oftentimes ruthless compassion, to cut through and grind down every illusion, distortion, weakness, attachment, and fear to give us what we need, not what we want, so we could accomplish that which we set out to do.

Taking half-measures to shape the greatest masterpieces would never have worked.

We are called upon to remember that we said yes to a radical plan, not to an experiment that went terribly wrong. Now we must continue our yes, to complete what we set out to do, allowing everything and anything left that could possibly stand in the way of having the full Light and Love of God descend upon us and express through us, leave.

We have the right to live our original plan and God’s highest plan for us out loud and full blast. Whatsoever still stands in your way, bid it adieu. Think nothing further about it so the complete Divine Descent can take place.

We are moments away from the most profound miracles any humans in any times have ever seen. Many have been seeing and experiencing the “coming attractions.” Don’t give up now.

You, we, us, are standing in the midst of Divine right timing, right now. Please don’t distract yourself or allow yourself to be distracted, no matter what.

Be single focused. Breathe. Be quiet. Be quiet often. Go to the still point inside of you while final storms pass.

Finalize your preparations to create the opening and the welcoming in yourself for the lightening power of Divine Descent to enter into you, fully. Once done, you can begin your preparation and celebration of your Divine Ascension, in 2012. Endings and beginnings merge, now.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss

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