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Cosmic Portal

December 4, 2020

First Cosmic Portal Opened Leading to

12-12 Gateway and Solstice

–Maureen Moss

Verbal permission to use this copyright painting from John Pitre


Beloved Hearts,

When I awakened yesterday morning the entirety of the sky looked much like that in the above painting.

The first Cosmic Portal opened yesterday as Source and Angelic Rays and Waves of Light bathed the Earth with pink, blue and a tint of yellow plasma.

The Universe is preparing itself to respond to HUman life in ways unimagined.

Archangels and Angels, Galactics, Light Beings, Star Systems, Masters upon Masters, Gods and Goddesses… Divine upon Divine begin gathering now…covering this Earth from one corner to the other, holding space, holding our hearts and our Souls as WE prepare to make the long awaited phenomenal evolutionary quantum leap that completes this human cycle, forevermore.

As we move forward in what some have called the ‘biblical month of December,’ the clarification of Self and Self Honoring is called for in regard to the Holiness that indwells within each ones body, as the Holy Self.

Vital it is to turn the momentum of attention away for a bit from the external…from social media, all media and lesser frequencies long enough to be reflective only on the profundity of our missive and prepare ourselves now…deeply aware and honoring of the Immensity of this transit upon us and of ones physicalized Self as being the One from which New Life Flows.

Once flowing, from the Holy Recognized the experiences upcoming shall become substantially heightened.

It is a sacred synthesis that flows then like veins of gold to the Heart of All That Is…to humanity…to the heart of Gaia…to those in the Cosmos and to your Soul…the carrier of your Destiny.

And then as the Gateways open, a stream of Light Beings…WE…shall pass through as Sacred Divine Humans ready to take our rightful place in this Galaxy.

In Sacred Love,

Here is the link to the upcoming 12-12-2020 Gathering if you would like to join us.


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