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Clarity: One of the Most Powerful Forces in the Universe

July 1, 2011

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well. I pray as we close a cycle spanning more than 5,000 years you are clearly noticing all of the Universal responses to your days with deep regard. Why? For the purpose of gaining extreme clarity about the manner in which you have set your life into motion while in this cycle, where and when Heaven meets Earth in your present life, and to notice what re-routing is required of you before stepping into only the 6th shift of cycles in the last 26,000 years.

This new cycle, pure in its form and specific in its purpose, is upon us now to give each of us a brand new chance in Life. This 6th cycle is preparing itself to hold and respond to your life in it, in ways you may have only imagined, once you are have become a clear receptacle for such immense goodness. It is necessary that every one of us remove as many obstructions as possible that formerly (or currently) neutralized right action and perfect love to simply flow through us.

Much like a life that transits its form, a re-evaluation and assessment is essential before any one of us leaves this cycle of time.
Once we place our life force inside of a new cycle of time, we will live the rest of our lives in accordance to what we brought into it, thus the need for clarification, purification and regeneration at soulular level, now.

In the 20th century Albert Einstein wrote, “humanity shall require a new manner of thinking, if they are to survive.” Having read that quote recently, I thought, humanity will require a renewed commitment to gaining clarity in and for all things connected to their lives if they are to thrive and walk unobstructed into the future of themselves.

This new cycle that we are ushering in calls for a wizened sense of Self, along with a new clarity of ourselves in relationship to everything we are in relationship with. We must clearly re-value, re-form, and re-align to energetically meet up with this new cycle, or it will not accept or support us. Lack of clarity, will constitute a loss of opportunity to meet your destiny, or have it meet you.

So what is clarity, and what needs to be clarified?

Clarity is freedom from obscurity. It is Light. It is truth. Not Universal Truth, your own authentic truth that reveals itself to you when you willingly question and then dispel any darkness or shadow that has been shrouding any part of your life causing you hardships, setbacks and weaknesses oftentimes projected onto another.

Each time you clarify a part of your life you come closer to your authentic self in that particular regard. Clarity is as close to you as lack of clarity. Both are available to you at all times. You are the chooser and you can only choose properly when what is trivial, redundant and outmoded in your conditioning is clarified and rectified.

Though seeking and finding clarity may completely disrupt your current life, it is the only way to new beginnings, and a new field of possibilities for your life to play out its next cycle of time in. It is the only way any one of us can progress, or evolve. Enlightenment does not come from the mind, it comes when you lovingly confront the dark side of your nature and bring it into Light through clarity.

Master Lao Tzu said, “knowing others is wisdom; knowing the Self is enlightenment. Mastering others requires force; mastering the self needs strength.”

Only through seeking and gaining clarity will you be delivered to the many blessings meant for you in this lifetime and your true destiny. It is your Life’s greatest ally. Nothing is more important than gaining it, knowing its immense benefits and using it in regard to every single moment of your life.

Without it you are trapped in suffering. Without it you are out of repose and integrity with yourself and all others. Without it you cannot align with your passions, your service in the world, this new cycle of time, or the natural ebb and flow of Life. Without it contentment is something you will always strive for.

Clarity is the preamble to all healing, and all abundance. Clarity guarantees your flawless connection to your Creator, your soul and your natural instincts making it one of the most powerful forces in the Universe.

To answer the question what needs to be clarified? Everything that you are in relationship to and with. Take every facet of your life and clarify it.

Four Master Keys:

Always clarify when you are out of touch with your mind. Always clarify in silence. Never forget that clarity must precede every decision or choice you make (don’t make a decision or choice without it.) Your clarity cannot be found through another’s opinion, experience or perspective.

Re-consider, re-examine, re-align and clarify everything before you cross the threshold into the most profound cycle that humanity has ever had the opportunity to experience.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss

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