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Choice and Your Future

December 11, 2014

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well. Last week I posted something on Facebook that had many E-maiIing me asking if I would expand on what I’d written.

First, here is what I wrote: “I have heard many people sharing that they feel a reluctance in moving forward, almost an apathy, creating within themselves the feeling of greater separation and disconnection from the Source of their Creation. I share this in hopes it will shift your perception.

It is not the ‘you’ that you are familiar with that is reluctant or apathetic. It is your Higher Self that contains within it your dynamic life force that is, in essence, holding you back from falling into familiarity. Familiarity is where the ego and mind feels safe.

As we move into 2015 and going forward, know this:

Safe keeps you frozen.
Safe prevents you from being able to break patterns and habits held for lifetimes.
Safe is actually a state of decline.

Expanding on that: I have long said and taught in my classes, “to move into the 5th dimension and higher and to live our lives authentically, we must unlearn everything we have learned about ourselves, money, business, success, relationships, collective natures, pain, grief, identity, and even what peace and joy actually are. They have all been a misperception.

We have lived on a Planet (in 3D) that operates in reverse truth and have lived as a species that has lived the same in order to give the God’s that we are a taste of all sides of life (distasteful and hard to digest as some of it has been.)

It’s Time For The Tastier Side of LIFE.

Now that that the former set-up has expired (unless we still choose to indulge) we have the full opportunity to be the dynamic expression of God and stimulate that side of our appetites.

Actually if we don’t divest ourselves of familiarity and invest ourselves with excitement and full hearts into this dynamic expression the actual future of God will never know Its Collective Dynamic State of Being. Then, we shall All miss the most scintillating adventure we could ever even begin to imagine for ourselves.

And, our Higher Selves know it.

As such our Higher Selves are more than ready to release the bounty and radiant prosperity we have lived lifetimes for, though it cannot, if we are choosing, through our free will to cling to what is familiar out of habitual fear, the inappropriate belief of comfort, mistrust, looking backward on what was or forward with an old-mind-set as to what might be.

If you are impulsed, guided, have a dream about or toward anything creative, new, adventurous, even daunting, step out towards it without a net, a rationale, a psychics confirmation or an excuse! It’s your Higher Self (the true You) sending you a transmission. Trust It!

Part Ways With The Familiar. Your Future (Which Is God’s Future) Is At Stake!

YOUR OLD MIND DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT WHAT A DYNAMIC STATE OF BEING IS. BUT, YOUR HEART DOES, and the genius of the real You, God, does. Let yourself be led even if you don’t have an example by your own experience, yet. I promise you will.

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Namaste Beloveds,


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