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Challenges, Blessings, Resonance

October 5, 2021

Challenges, Blessings, Resonance


Beloved Hearts,

The Challenges and Blessings of this time are beyond what most could have imagined. This month of October will add more to the mix. I sense it in part to be a greater push, stemming from many directions, to go deeper still to dematerialize what once was our reality, with a few more Master initiations coming our way. I doubt it was a coincidence that a couple of months ago something that came so clear to me was, ‘in and amongst all that is occurring consciously lean into that which blesses you and hold those blessings as predominant in your heart and mind.’

The Joy moments, peaceful moments or simply leveling out comes from being loosened from the concentration of energies that don’t bless us. And, from experiencing and stabilizing greater Truths and Self-Realization every time our Consciousness has risen thus releasing pressure from the emotional body and Heart. It is then we can breathe more easily, relax more deeply, as well as experience everything and everyone from the balcony of ourselves with much clearer perspective, enabling us to make clearer, wiser choices.

This month, wherein there will be no shortage of heightened activity, in or out, we will see and feel Consciousness meeting Unconsciousness and in that there will also be a strong calling for our Mastery, for our Fearlessness, our Heightened Awareness, our Trust, Intuition, and a commitment and action to truly Be Sovereign in ourselves first and then united with others, for that is where the Power of Sovereignty Is…first in ourselves and then with each other. Also, the words Yes and the words No and Done is Done, are going to be incredibly life changing for each and every one who speaks it and takes action on it going forward. Also the choice to fight what is or begin creating what we prefer shall as well be a reality changer.

Regardless of what goes on out there this month the question is what is going on ‘in here’? What are you noticing is shifting in you? Have you anchored it? What might be ready to blow up and out from within you? What is breaking down… ready to be done with… within you? What is yours to purge, expand, deepen or lift up at this time?

It may be quite helpful as well to not make what others are focusing on become what you are focusing on, be it in writing or in words, unless it provides Resonance within you….not a hope for or hope not…but Resonance for you. Resonance tells you something regardless of whether anyone else is resonating with it. Resonance leads to awareness and awareness to expansion, as long as it doesn’t become a fleeting thought.

This wild month of October can have us running for cover, waiting for the ‘shoe’ to drop or greatly heighten our awareness and strengthen our connection to Higher Truth.

Sending to you all Grace, Blessings and Love,

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