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Building A Bridge of Light

September 3, 2020

Building A Bridge of Light


Beloved Hearts,

When we walked through the most potent Lions Gate to date, simultaneously we opened a portal of retrieval for our Divine Selves to come through and at long last have the opportunity to have it’s Being in our God Bodies.

It is then the next level of our Commitment to Awaken amplified and required us now to focus 100% on building a bridge of Light through our Hearts and Consciousness to New Earth…to shut down lesser pathways (even if it is by Command,) and to Raise our vibrations Higher and Higher became crucial and of the Highest Service to ourSelves, Humanity and Gaia. As each of us knows between now and December 21, we are in crucial times.

Many are looking at ‘this time,’ as a brace yourself negative, though if our vibrations are high enough we shall See, Feel and Know through our hearts and inherent intelligence that along with what inevitably will be dismantled and revealed so too shall there be Great Potential…perhaps the greatest of potential in this lifetime to Live without dodging bullets and B.S. (whether self-created or otherwise,) all the time.

There isn’t one amongst us that has not had enough of all of that and from endless directions, daily, hourly, minute to minute. Enough.

We have within us the opportunity to BE the Hierarchy of the Divine Human Kingdom, no less than the Hierarchy of the Angelic Kingdom to whom we are intimately connected.

And so it is now, NOW we push ourselves, tired as we may be into a Higher octave and a greater momentum to shift whatever frequencies and consciousness is still beneath the Divinity of ourSelves…to DO whatever is necessary to further purify, clarify, REALize… to further Awaken, to further be aware of being Aware and to use then our Awakened Awareness to establish our Sacred Hearts Consciousness as the Pre-eminent Consciousness that ebbs and flows in the present and eternal now. And, that knows that we the Divine New Human have already been destined to surpass and Over-Light anything, anything at all that has come before us. Still, the work is ours to do.

Beloveds, OUR single focused Truest Self with Hearts ablaze and vibration High need be realized and expressed in the Divinely woven fabric of day-to-day life as WE in full faith and Consciousness unfold the future of ourSelves, beginning Now.

One Love, One Heart, In and For the Highest Good of ALL Involved.

(We will be Gathering on the Equinox, Sept. 22, 2020. Details shall be sent soon.)

Infinite Love and Blessings,

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