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Christ/Mary Magdalene/Mother Mary Integration

January 9, 2019


Christ/Mary Magdalene/Mother Mary

Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon
January 20, 2019


Beloved Ones,

Since the powerful Solstice in December a quantum leap was made in our evolutionary spiral and continues strongly though this active month of January.

Both eclipses this month are continuing the Solstice momentum and are highly significant on many levels as is the increased activity in the sky, on earth and in our physical bodies.

There are many explanations as to the meaning of the eclipses. What I experience as true apart from the many seeming unified symptoms …heart chakra pains, headaches/vertigo, nervous/emotional system amplified and the fact that the third dimension feels as though it belongs to an archaic age is… that our lower self is literally being phased out of the physical world and our physical bodies as our Higher Self Consciousness makes its descension into each.


From the inside out and outside in we are being prepared quite rapidly now to be used by the Consciousness of our Higher Self through our physical vehicle, which when re-built to fit and then synthesized, completes the duality and polarity of the separation cycle vertically and horizontally forever.


This is the Next Level of Ascension. Experienced as either a challenging release or a fading away at this point of the lower self, great self love and compassion for the profound… as well as deeply seeing, sensing and acknowledging the difference, begins establishing permanence.

Clearly we have many responsibilities (haven’t we always?) of frequency alignment, personal resonance, heart connection, stabilization and then becoming used to being the expression of our own unique Higher Self as ourselves… not as a part of ourselves.


Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon Integration


There is more to bring forth on that though for now and in preparation for the next eclipse and further embodiment of our Higher Self…

During the December Solstice with its massive influx of Golden Christed Diamond Light, Jeshua/Jesus channeled a greater understanding and importance to me of integrating and balancing as One the Christ Consciousness, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine… each carried by Jeshua/Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene… on our way to Paradise, he said.

He continued, There has been great misunderstanding and separation of the Christ Consciousness, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. They are a Holy Trinity representing the One.

The misunderstanding and even bypassing their Unity has interfered in both your giving and receiving… claiming your inner authority…understanding and entering complimentary and symbiotic relationships… the true way of knowing yourself… and closing the gap between contentment and despair.

Together, they return wholeness impacting the particles of your greater existence going forward.

The unification and balance of the Christ Consciousness, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within each person and made whole in each body is vital for the birth of New Earth, the advancement of humanity, creation of sustainable New realities, Freedom and of Love.

Using the Phenomenal energies of this day clearing, infusion, integration and your advancement shall be made.


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