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Becoming Who We Are

May 21, 2019

Within this next year your greatest relationship and priority will be with your Heart and full body of matter wherein your time-coded immaculate concept for your new Divine Human blueprint will be revealed.

Beloved Hearts,

It is safe to say we are amongst the most miraculous, courageous and sacred beings on Earth or in the Cosmos. We have been called, remarkably fascinating humans by scientists and philosophers. And we are…we came from the Light, as Jeshua says, the place where the Light came into being on its own accord and established itself in the Image of the Creator. We are the elect on Earth of the Universal Mother and Father.

Clearly we are refining now our movement, expression and repose.

Certainly in this fast paced year and ever spiraling month of April going into May we have established ourselves more so as we spun and tumbled through bouts of energies and walked the razors edge between shadow and Light and life and death more than once.

Weathered though broken-through we took our sometimes shortened breaths, spurts of joy, and tears of then and carried on… realizing and redefining ourselves while knowing another energy blast, purge, flare, wave or electrifying surge was hot on our heels to push us further. We have a new human prototype to build and we are…out of the ethers and commitment to Love.

The opening of our Hearts toward ourselves and to our humanity has been the true catalyst for the change we Be in how we walk and talk and feel our humanity.

The dawning upon us of what our lives really stand for and mean to and for this God Body in which we dwell and this sacred Earth upon which we walk… to our Souls and Universal Families has changed the threads that weave the fabric of Human/Divine Consciousness.

Still, we know there is more to come… more to embody embrace and radiate. But, we are Stronger, Clearer, Purposeful, Dedicated, and Wiser. We know there is nothing and none to fear for perhaps the first time in our lives.

We’ve been inside the bowels of fear and know now it was the monster under the bed and ahead is what Divine Mystery has to offer. We know each time something leaves something is being shaped and formed and born for the new that is coming into our lives.

Our Focus Now

Our focus now, as Jeshua shared, is strengthening our relationship and priority with our Hearts and Body of matter wherein our time-coded immaculate concept for our New Divine Human Blueprint will be revealed.

All energy will push us in that direction and I add unto to that… toward the One Will of God…this being how Unity Consciousness is Ignited and how one’s life becomes surrounded and inflamed by the Most Intelligent Energy that exists.

The One Will of God has been described by both the Sirians (who house the Temple of The One Will of God in the 6th dimension,) and Ra, as the one undifferentiated Infinite Intelligence, unpolarized, full and whole.

As we go forth preparing and being prepared to enter into higher and higher bandwidths of energy and higher potentials of ourselves, the key that ushers us into and through each bandwidth, portal and stargate is becoming frequency specific to that which is on the other side of it. After the 4th Dimension, One Love and the One Will of God lies on the other side of it.

During last months foray into the Pleaidian Stargate one of the Pleaidians that joined us said; were we to ask anything of you it is to become Keepers of Frequency.

And so we go forward Beloveds toward the 2020 transition where a greater move toward our Sovereignty and Sustainability will be enhanced through earth activity, personal activity, moons, gateways, waves, light codes, ability to hold higher frequencies and gently bending each day toward the Will of God.

Dear God/Creator/Divine Mother Father what is Your guidance and Will? Be still, be neutral, go into your heart and wait for the response.

With each shift you will find yourself moving more naturally toward greater expressions of the Soul that you are, always in honor and devotion to your Sacred Self, which is the highest service on Earth.

It is a sacred synthesizing virtue that flows then like veins of gold to the heart of All That Is, to humanity, to the restructuring of Earth, to the honoring of the great Cosmic forces devoted to humanity’s success and to your Soul, the carrier of your destiny.

May Life never cease to nourish you, amaze you and flow with abundance, synchronicity, and grace.

One Love, One Will, One Humanity.

Know you are loved.


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