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August 8, 2015

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

It is no mystery to most that the span of time we are entering into is one of great significance for us all. It is one that for many will profoundly inspire a new reality through the seemingly magical balance and expansion of both our heart’s intelligence and our minds, creating a long awaited alignment with our souls.

As a result, a new human reality and a freedom that has had rare experience on this Planet has a true opportunity to be born and grow in alignment with who we truly are as Divine Love.

This will occur in varying degrees based on our courageous and diligent efforts to release from our bodies, minds, hearts and Spirits that which has trespassed on our Divinity and kept us bound to illusion.

We have journeyed far and toiled hard to come heart to heart with this span of time. It is what we took birth for. Many know, as a result of instinct and experience that life as we have known it will never be the same again…it cannot be.

As a child cannot return to the womb of protection inside of its mother, we cannot return to the womb of deception and separation formerly upheld by the mind and ego without great pain.


This span of time actually began with the demanding and opportunistic Blue Moon on July 31 and continues most predominately from the 8th of August through the 28th of September whereby daily accelerated wave upon wave of heightened cosmic, inter-dimensional, planetary and electromagnetic rays of energy will be in constant motion, pushing (strongly), pulling, directing, guiding and expanding our relationship to Love, to Life and toward the true meaning of Freedom.

Each day we must focus, act on and integrate (not intellectualize) the promptings, awareness and disclosures arising within…there will be many. Come into alignment with each.

Creation is in motion with your I Am Presence refining and reestablishing Its very creation…You.

Throughout this span of heightened energies, sensitivities in all bodies will heighten, vibrate, pulsate, shift and wobble. Old coding, habits, thoughts and core beliefs are being shattered to reveal the true you. Align with the true you.

You will notice being moved even pushed to be still or rest for extended periods of time. Honor that. Know you are integrating powerful life altering energies. Nothing is wrong…faith and heightened consciousness rule.

In your stillness, focus on opening the door to your Higher consciousness, the doorway between your natures…human and Divine. Welcome the Divine of you, fully. Welcome your I Am Presence, completely. Give your Soul full permission to enter, to build and uphold your life forevermore in accordance to Love and your original nature as Source energy expressed.

Proclaim and align with, I welcome you my Divine Presence, my Sacred Soul …oh how I have journeyed to prepare to unite with you. I open fully to receive you. Welcome Beloveds welcome. Now I take my rightful place in the Universe.

During this span of time you will undoubtedly realize that duality of any sort, though particularly between your heart and mind, is no longer an acceptable reality under any circumstances.

As Masters of a new reality we must be certain there are no dual pillars of truth within us, nor cracks in the mind to allow duality to enter.

If duality attempts to come in through the side of your mind, notice it, focus proclaim and align with, “this is not an acceptable reality.” Immediately take a breath and align with the One Mind within your heart and stay there. If you stray, consciously return.

You are building a new dimensional reality with focused intent.


You will notice during this span of time and going forward you no longer have the option of not loving yourself nor the option of not forgiving yourself. The accelerated and piercing energies of love, refinement and purification coming in and through you, wave upon wave, shall make it far to painful in all bodies to leave yourself unattended by love.

Focus on Love. Align with it. Open wide to receive it. Breathe it into every pore of your being as it is offered to you and impressed upon you moment upon moment, wave upon wave. Give it. Feed yourself with it. Soak your mind in it. Bathe your body with it. Stroke your emotions with it. Speak its praises.

Proclaim and align with, I love you Love. I love you Love. I love you Love. How could I not, for it is Love that I Am made from, that I AM in the midst of and that is in the midst of me. I love you Love. I love you.

Though fear of the unknown and unrealized may arise in you as these powerful energies pierce through all obstructions in all bodies know that fear gives way under the dominion of Love.

If fear arises proclaim and align with, I no longer operate under the false evidence that you offer. No longer am I in conflict with Love. I Am Love in harmony and at peace with my heart.

Forgive what you sense and know has been left unattended both within you and toward others. It too shall become far too painful to leave forgiveness unattended. It is not compatible with your soul nor with your greater reality. Focus on love and forgiveness. Love is All For Giving.

Beloveds, as we stand on the most exhilarating precipice of a new reality, let us stand together with confidence, with faith, with love, with generosity and with the wisdom of the ages that we have spanned.

Take a breath and honor yourself.

If we look with our hearts we shall notice that more, not less of us stand together rather than apart. Let us stand in support of each other, in awe of each other and with respect for each other.

Take a breath and honor all others.

We have traveled a long road to be here now. As we continue to adapt and adjust to our new realities let us be conscious of being in service to each other and all of Life.

Keep in heart that words without action are meaningless and action without love is irrelevant.

In conclusion, during this span of time, proclaim and align with, I choose to be free! I give my Soul dominion to be free, now! I Am source energy expressed. I Am source energy expressed. I Am source energy expressed. I claim it, I align with it, I Am It. And so it is.

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May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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