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As The Page Turns So Too Does the Focus

January 10, 2022

As The Page Turns So Too Does the Focus


Beloved Hearts,

As the page has turned on 2021, we find ourselves at the beginning of what may prove to be, amongst other things, the most rapid cycle of acceleration we have known thus far. The ending of the cycle of what was, was an epic purging to assist us in rebooting our Consciousness from lower mind, ego and personality driven lives…to flipping the switch and handing over the reins to our Higher Mind, Soul and I AM Presence. This embodied Trinity is the only Trinity capable of leading our way forward toward a vaster, more truthful experience of ourSelves. It is through them as One we discover Unity, miracles and a direct path toward our Destiny.

In 2022 and forward we continue going through a great re-formation taking us into the deep sacred waters of Truth that shall assist us in disassembling and disassociating with all things and circumstances created by and through distortion and fear including the consciousness that has ‘made us up.’

Yeshua may have summed it up best by saying this: “Humanity cannot go forward without creating a New Origin Point for ones Entire Existence. If any one desires to know themselves certainly and be meticulously guided to their Destiny, one need know intimately the Great Liberators of their Consciousness and become adjusted to their stunning brilliance and manner of expression.”

Thanks in part to the past few years of exhausting our nervous systems, attempting to sort out truth from lies, banging up against our minds over and again and insistent energies peeling back one layer after another of who we thought we were … we are primed to go forward now using an entirely different Consciousness that carries the full Arc of our Unlimited Self in it that is clear, wise, vast, balanced, multi-dimensional, multi-incarnational and united in every way with God Consciousness all of the time. That is our Soul.

At a time such as this there are many amongst us that absolutely will not sacrifice themselves in any way any longer to the Imposters posing as Illuminators … the fear dominant lower mind, ego and preference driven personality. At a time such as this…it is far too risky and the pain debilitating.

The Way is unfolding now and more so each day through paradox and contrast as we move into 2022 for the prepared to make a massive leap in consciousness using the Consciousness that is already a part of each and every one of us..…a Consciousness that always works on our behalf… that is not programmed, doesn’t have a belief system, has no preferences, carries no fear, nor patterns of distortion, duality or polarity. And, that is Holy capable of leading us directly to our Destiny.

It is in that active awareness of ourSelves and deep desire to live as we truly are, as Soul in a body of Love, in a body that only functions harmoniously with the Mind and Heart of it’s Higher Holy Self that we shall meet our Freedom, know our Godness and Goodness and live our Destiny without efforting our way to it any longer.

To this point in our human incarnation Freedom has been more of a concept than a reality. Freedom has no history here on Earth.

After all our efforts over these past years to be clear, to find peace, balance and constancy within ourselves, we are going to feel the persistent if not at times forceful urge from the Heavens, from Earth and from within to anchor ourselves in one organic reality, stick to it and Know Who We Are in certainty.

If we desire to be free it will be crucial to Be strong, clear and doubtless about what our Freedom looks like and to take a stand that is immovable. It is for us to allow the deep desire for Liberation to be of ultra importance and allow Love to hold strong the foundation for our Freedom to Be so. To Be free is part of our Souls Agreement and reason for it’s missive of embodiment.

To Be free and know who we are in certainty as well, we must remember Who We Are as Vast Multi-Dimensional Soul Beings. As such, we carry the wisdom of the ages and we carry the Light, the Love and the Power of God within. If we consciously and in full faith use these, our Super Powers, there is a great chance that personally and as a collective we shall make more progress in one decade now than at any other time in all of humanities existence.

Our Soul knows we cannot Be ourselves or experience freedom without the Highest of ourselves and the Truth of ourselves Being in our body. It has been beyond difficult to be on this earth with such a vast part of ourselves seemingly, missing from our consciousness, our heart and day to day living. We need ourSelves in ourSelves to Be ourSelves.

To further assist us, a strengthening, purifying and clarifying is occurring in each one of our fields helping us to level up. It is a combined missive of LOVE for each one of us coming directly from the Divine Mother and the Archangelic Realm. As Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis has shared in part: Every fiber of our being is being saturated in the Divine Mothers spiritual waters, cleansing and purifying distortion recorded in our cellular material. The Sacred Annointing of Divine Fire-Water has begun en masse.

We are Vast, Holy Loved and Respected Beings of Light throughout and beyond this Galaxy. We have been hindered in living up to ourselves for numerous external reasons and often by The Imposters of self deception… mind, ego, personality that came more pronounced with our human packaging though now has only a phantom ability to lead us.

Nothing can stop us now from aligning with and stewarding the Divine Plan for our lives and the Immaculate Concept for humanity apart from our consent by activity with the Imposters. At times it takes fierce determination and other times one hell of a living death to surrender and bring us to our knees before the altar of Who We Are giving over completely then to our Soul, Higher Mind and I Am Presence…and, our God Parents the only parents with whom no umbilical cord was ever severed.

It is deep within my Soul that I sense that this cycle shall be remembered as the most pronounced Resurrection and Restoration of We, the Divine and Sacred Soul God-Beings that chose to go to Earth, forget Truth and become human Beings finding their way back to who they really are, in certainty. What powerful catalysts chaos, distortion, self-deception and spiritual warfare have been.

(*Note: The lesser mind has the opportunity to be raised and merge with the Heart, the ego has the opportunity to reframe itself with Soul embodiment. And, the Soul works through the personality to shift its distinctive features. That orchestration can be addressed at another time, not to complicate the focus now on the Higher Trinity.)


May this new cycle Bless each in ways unimagined.

Eternal Love and Gratitude to and for each one.



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