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October 14, 2010

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well, and feeling the effects of the miraculous afterglow of the energies of the 10-10-10.

The Love of God, the Love of The Cosmic Beings of Love and Light and the conscious and precise actions of both, on behalf of humanity, surpassed anything I have ever experienced since I have been on this Planet.

For days preceding the 10-10-10 one could feel that there was “magic in the air.” That which was in the air was then transposed into the bodies of every human and our beloved Mother Earth. Now there is active magic in every human. The game of Life has changed, forevermore.

Now that the game of Life has changed, the responsibilities to Steward that which has been bestowed upon us, with heightened consciousness, wisdom, excitement, reverence and discernment, is mandatory in order to maintain the field of energy within us and around us that will indeed provide us with New Life, on a New Earth, replete with uninterrupted infinite possibilities.

Your Divine Life has been activated into the Quantum Field. Your soul/your I Am Presence has taken dominion of your life now. You have been tuned into a higher frequency and you have been showered with grace beyond comprehension.

It is a well known fact that on the 10-10-10 Master crystals, in key vortexes around the world, were stepped up exponentially, to be used again on humany’s behalf, due to the fact that the Cosmic world knew that the crystals would never be misused again, as they were in Atlantis.

Now, let it be a well-known fact to you, that you are a human crystal, a gemstone of God, and that God and the Illumined Cosmic Realm knew that you, as a part of all of humanity, were ready to be stepped up into a higher frequency, enabling you to become your full activated Divine Free Sovereign Self.

The difference between you and the Master Crystals is that now you are being asked to take that which has been activated in you, and use the activations on behalf of yourself, in a loving and conscious manner, so that you will never misuse yourself, ever again.

You are now activated to elevate yourself to your absolute Highest potential, and return to your Divine Nature, already in progress. Your 12 strand DNA, your 6 strand RNA, your Pineal, Pituitary, and Thymus glands have been activated.

On the 10-10-10, if you were paying close attention you would know you were each held in the lap of God, in the center of the Now, with love. You were set up to claim, enjoy, and accomplish the very life you came to this planet to live.

That which has pinned your wings and caged your soul for lifetimes, has been cast off of you. Now you are asked to consciously step out of the cage and claim your freedom. You have been activated into a state where all new realities of your highest choosing may be formed, if you will do your part to strengthen your domain, add more Light and Love unto your world and the world in which you live, and form a bond with that which has been activated inside of you.

You are more capable now of doing so, as you are no longer confined to a tight box of consciousness, with its discordant, frenetic, always reaching, unstable nature, that rarely allowed you pure presence and connection to yourself. You are free to use your expansive Higher Consciousness at all times. It can no longer be blocked by any energy other than your own. You are free. Now you must take the initiative to fly.

It is well documented that long serving prisoners that are set free, become frightened and often unwilling to leave what they have found comfort in, as confining as it may be. They have been conditioned to find comfort in the uncomfortable. That has also occurred for most of humanity.

You are now able to slip the skin of your conditioning very quickly, through sincere intention and belief that you can, followed by a series of stabilized, conscious actions, as a result of the activations brought into your body on the 10-10-10. No more long suffering processes. No more lessons have to be learned. The classroom of Mother Earth has been dismantled.

Our New Earth is not a classroom. It is a playground for those of Higher Consciousness. It is a place to live in your best interest and joy. Yes, your life is about your best interest and your joy, not just making it right for everyone else. Honoring your best interest and living in joy will inflame your Higher Consciousness, (your energy imprint on this Earth,) and will be in everyone else’s best interest and joy, including the New Earth.

Your Higher Consciousness has now been fully activated to always co-create with you. Think of it as your constant companion and partner. Build a relationship with it and learn how to work with it. Check in with it daily, as all partners do, before you make a decision about anything. Work together. This is a partnership that has been made in Heaven for you, while you live on Earth.

If you are having a challenge connecting to your Higher Consciousness, just ask for help.

Dear God
I ask for your assistance to surpass my lower consciousness.
Mighty I Am and capable I Am of surpassing my lower consciousness into my Higher consciousness.
I Am willing to play a new game, an exciting game, a Divine game.
I Am complete with limitations.
I Am ready for this new adventure.
I Am excited to live and love and step up into my Higher Consciousness.
Dear God, as you direct me, I connect with your direction in this moment to consciously disconnect from my lower consciousness.
I make this connection with ease and grace.
It is done.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And so it is.

Another blessing that came as a result of the 10-10-10 is each of your chakras were activated and brought into a higher frequency, allowing you to have more Life force. Your instinctual body (1st chakra), your intuitive body (2nd chakra), your freedom body (3rd chakra), your awareness body (4th chakra), your body of individuality (5th chakra), your wisdom body (6th chakra), and your enlightenment body (7th chakra), can now move closer to the Light and Power of God.

You will notice your memory of your Oneness to God and to All, has increased as a result of this activation. That was the point of this particular magnificent activation. Now you are asked to take your memories of Oneness and bring them into an active state in the Now.

I And The God I Am Are One
I And My Brothers And Sisters Are One
I And All Of Life Above Me, Below Me, and Around Me Are One
Everywhere I Look There I Am, As One
I AM I Am I Am

Keep the higher frequencies active in each of your seven bodies by working in tandem with them. Keep them spiraling upward, by your love and consciousness toward them. Soon you will discover your Lightbody has taken dominion over your dense physical body, and that you really have merged with Oneness.

You will also begin noticing that the activations have begun interrupting your projections into the future. During the 10-10-10 activations, every one of you that was present to the energies, were centered in the moment of now, held there and imprinted with the feeling of peace, to purposefully override the urge to move out of the present moment in the times ahead.

Throughout the years there have been numerous writings and teachings about the power of living in the moment that is present. Most of that which was written and spoken was intellectualized or attempted here and there by many, with little ability to stabilize an atypical human behavior.

Due to the activations, your ability to naturally be in present moment consciousness is going to become easier, if you will consciously choose to become receptive, relaxed and in rapport only with what is, right now.

There is something quite magical that occurs when you live in the present moment. Rather than revealing the magic to you, do it for yourself and watch what happens. Remember the activation was already put into place for you to do it with much greater ease.

As a sidebar, if you will let yourself live inside the present moment, you will notice yourself having numerous lifetimes inside the one you are having. Soon you will be able to shape those lifetimes just the way you prefer it! Now that’s high magic!

All of the activations that took place on the 10-10-10 (and they were numerous) were done so to increase the phenomena of the Divine Human, the Galactic Human, the Multi-Dimensional Human, the God Human. We were blessed beyond any words.

You have been changed as a result of the activations of the 10-10-10, and you deserved to be. It was time. You may not have noticed all of the blessings that have been bestowed upon you yet, but you will.

Be curious and investigate all the parts of yourself with an open mind and an open heart, and notice what’s been shifted. Wherever you see a change, know that you are the Steward charged with the mission of keeping the change alive by staying focused, disciplined, calm, discerning, and balanced and in joy.

The 10-10-10 was not just another day to have a celebration; it was a marked day, rich in its potential for every human being. Each, without exception, was turned in the proper direction to head Home.

From the Light and the Love and the Power of God, comes the request to please keep the magic active, your sense of direction clear, and to keep yourself attuned to the activations. More blessings will be added unto you, as you are ready.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss

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