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Activating Your Soul Connection

April 22, 2018

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In case there was any doubt, we have just been through The Olympics of energy… a two month energy wave carrying unprecedented transformation and reformation dynamics replete with lifts, leaps, drops, spins, jangled nerves, and aching body parts.

With no slow-down ahead, (though a big change in dynamics,) the latest mind-stunning, amplified display of unwavering catalysts opened a powerful inter-dimensional doorway for our Soul (the indwelling reality of the Life of God/Creator Source,) to descend deeper into our physical bodies far beyond any other time in human history…and far beyond imagination. This being where the change in dynamics comes in.

Having entered more deeply and using your Higher Codes of Light that only it carries, your Soul is on a mission now to strike an innovative relationship with your personality/ego to bring out the true created you… not the perception of the better you…the real you… and then, with your heart, to dance you through the rest of your Life.

Regardless of all heightened Cosmic/Planetary activity, from this day forward we will be at the effects of the Presence of a far more expansive though subtle dimension of our beingness in-body deliberately awakening us in ways we have yet to experience.

Now comes the matter of understanding how your Soul works, bringing more of it into your body, arousing and accepting, adapting and integrating such an enlightened impetus in position to deliver you to its magical destiny…ITS magical destiny…not the one you thought was yours.

How would I know this? This writing comes from the field of experience which going forward will be the only field I report or teach from.

Note: After a seismic December/January and into February that literally scraped out the tar of ancient and current mental and cellular inaccuracies, space was made for a larger part of my Soul to descend into my body. It was palpable and the recognition undeniable.

Throughout the weeks, with focused attention, constant adjustments, major discernment and integrations my Soul has become a magical, informative companion that has created a fundamental shift in my identity, a change of heart, value and worth… and walked me way out of my self-concepts.

My soul now has become the origin point for everything I do or don’t do, not my thoughts, nor my personality…try as they might.

Watching in amazement I witness my mind and personality yield to the magical process of the soul, the Illumined maker.

As this relationship is being finely tuned…not always gently… I have become aware that the soul brings the collection of everything already known to your life or mine, into the body for awareness, integration and to apply where necessary. Farewell diminished consciousness…hello Embodied Enlightenment.

Why the Soul Hookup With The Personality

Simply put (though stay with me,) the personality with its three elements of ego) is typically impulsed by an intangible thought (all thoughts being intangible until set in motion.) It then goes about grounding any number of the aspects of that thought into a tangible outer activity…doing so to suit our concept of self.

The personality is an aspect of the lower self, as is the mortal mind. It has no awareness if what it brings into reality (from the mortal mind,) is for your highest good, if it’s the most competent thing to do or if it’s part of your true destiny…which it can’t possibly know for it is form bound and bases its decisions on present lifetime only.

Its come from is, “oh that’s a good idea, it suits my nature, good timing… let’s make it happen.”

In Comes the Soul

Long overdue, the personality requires a catalyst to end its historical dominance and entanglement with each one of our unnatural, self-conceptual lives.

In now descends the Soul… revolving in endless circles of God Consciousness with its multi-incarnational view, bringing you wisdom and Codes of Light from all your incarnations to bring out the true created you (and as mentioned earlier,) not the better you…the real you.

Neither form-bound nor looking to overthrow the personality its deepest desire is to bring out the greater and deeper life that it holds…that is your life… and make it tangible. So, it’s either the personality that is going to make your life tangible or it is your Soul.

Where We Come In

We come in as joyful, fascinated Creators of a new human formation and experience on and of earth. We, using our inherent wisdom, keenly forming awareness and diligence come determined to recognize that our personalities (fun as they can be at times,) have far to often become a liability and realize (using great detector skills,) that it distorts our life even in the most minute ways.

And, we come to help the Soul bring a halt and redirection to this amazing imposter, the personality that actually thinks it is the Soul.

Ways to Begin Connecting

First, know without doubt your clear discerning mind.

Second, find your reasons for becoming determined to know your Soul…how it feels inside your body (it’s very distinct,) how it informs you, how it moves you and how it feeds you.

Third, take notice of the deeper you that is far less concerned about your outcomes, what’s next, or opinions of others and calibrate to that frequency.

Fourth, commit to whatever it takes to integrate your Soul. Find a way to keep yourself on track hourly. Pause, move inward and connect with the deeper part of you that you are coming to realize is your Soul. Stay there in stillness. You begin then to establish a true relationship with the most Enlightened Source of your nature.

Fifth, be gentle with yourself even when you step on tender spots.

Sixth, make your Soul your Priority. Contained within it is ALL of you.

***I am over the moon that I have been given the blessing of sharing this and more with you. There are experiences of relationship, integration, calibration, activation, Love and magic with your Soul that will happen during Soul Connection: The Experiential Journey beginning March 15, 2018.

Know you are loved.

Soul Connection:
The Experiential Journey
Begins March 15, 2018

I had no idea this was going to be birthed until February 12, 2018. I had hints and then from my soul… in days… it was grounded. Soul Connection: The Experiential Journey is 100% Soul led. And, it is going to change your entire perception you have about yourself.

It promises to be so mind-expanding, activating, re-calibrating and exciting as You are led to meet your Soul… in your body… and use the Highest Codes possible in You to bring out the True Created You and be set on your Souls path to meet your destiny!

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