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Abundance Upshift

May 30, 2019

Abundance Upshift
With Lee Harris

Begins June 5, 2019

Dearest Hearts,

There are so many heartfelt changes occurring as we move up our spiral of evolution (along with the ongoing intense energies that we are breathing and getting through a moment at a time which I will address in the Soulstice newsletter out shortly.)

One of the things I love that is happening now is the Spirit of Collaboration and support that more and more hearts are feeling in great alignment with.

My dear friend and global heart and thought leader Lee Harris is presenting a unique interactive Abundance Upshift experience that covers all areas of abundance, thriving and prosperity harmonious with 5D Consciousness.

It’s video modules, daily practices, interactive Online broadcast with Lee, access to 3 other Abundance experts and a Private Community Forum are only part of this Downloadable Abundance Upshift Experience.

It’s a deep dive with fantastic support and guidance, at your pace, at an awesome price of $79.00 if you register before June 5.

It’s time for everyone to thrive and move completely out of scarcity consciousness and into We Are Worthy of Abundance Consciousness. Lee (and his team,) will guide you there.

Here is a link to a brief trailer and video message that explains it all.

Know you are loved and that we are All in this together. Let’s cover ALL the Bases of thriving. This one is Lee’s for now.

You’ll hear from me soon about covering the Soul, Heart and Body alignment on Soulstice.

Infinite LOVE,
Email: [email protected]

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