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A Reversal of Consciousness

September 24, 2013

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well, after several more months of what I call the days of “Lights On, Lights Off,” as we continue to feel rapid shuffling between energies and emotions both high and low, experiencing some days as though we are in a life review, getting acquainted with our new emerging consciousness, and of course having all the bodies impacted as more weights of density release.

I wasn’t going to write this Email, just offer the Free Download, “Bringing You Closer To 5D Reality,” as it speaks volumes more than what I can write in this space. Every word, a widened perspective and an opportunity for you to release some big burdens and imprints you thought were yours to carry, and hasten your move into the 5th Dimension.

This download truly is a gift from the Divine. First, I delivered it to my class “Living As God,” and then was directed to post it for you. Please receive it in a quiet place when it is good for you to do so without distraction or interruption.

With that said, let me just say a few words.

During these past several months we have been rotating our entire energetic system by moving (or being moved) by our Higher Selves out from deeper layers of conflict, contrast, density, duality, and mission driven imprints, as we unhinge from one incarnation while beginning another.

Please don’t loose yourself in thought, thinking something is wrong or that you are stuck. Nothing is wrong, and if you seem to be stuck, that is about to change. Through our experiences that contain remnants of duality, polarity and friction, the mind is getting tired. As it does, you will naturally drop down into your heart. The heart is our leader into our new reality.

This is how we are being prepared and preparing ourselves for a very powerful, amplified, full speed ahead, reversal of consciousness.

There is awareness in the Higher Realms of Consciousness that as a species, there is deep fatigue, (particularly with Lightworkers) and that the shift from one dimension into others is harder than realized. It is duly noted that we need additional Divine intervention, and it is coming; some from the Earth Plane and some from those poised in the Cosmos.

Still we have to be vigilant on behalf of ourselves, as co-creators. It will serve us to part ways with our perceptions of good and bad and right and wrong. They don’t exist. They are judgments housed in illusion. It will also serve us to further cease consorting with our 3D minds. It only confuses us, and is also housed in illusion.

And, it will serve us to stop taking another’s word, that through them we will be transformed. Inspired perhaps, wiser perhaps…but not transformed.

We are each in a cycle of massive transformation that is ours to handle. Honor yourself and don’t get lost or think you’ve been found in inspiration or wisdom. Use each as assistants, for your Divine transformation.

Mystics, saints, the ancients, sages and seers throughout all time remind us that transformation can only happen and be sustained by us, in us and through us when each one of us is centered, clear and consistently connected with our hearts, our Higher Self, and God.

We are about to move (again) through a powerful global metamorphosis and take a momentous leap forward as we are further severed from 3D reality. The greater our preparation, the deeper we weave ourselves with the Source of our Creation, and are fastened ever more tightly to our next reality.

Don’t lean on what you’ve always known, rest in what you don’t.

Our imprinted 3D thinking imposes upon us that we have to conquer another storm, or make it through another power surge. We don’t. The ocean doesn’t start the day bracing itself for what may be. It ebbs and flows and moves with what is; something we would be wise to mirror as a means of further preparation for our next reality.

Each one of us are being escorted in unique ways to Heaven on Earth. The 3D mind cannot understand the methods exacted from your Higher Self and the God of your being to extract the best from you, and relieve the heaviest of burdens from you. Each one of us are loved far beyond our thoughts or our imaginations.

This (finally) became evident to me while forging my way through a prolonged illness that began with food poisoning that then detoured in many directions. Further still, through the abrupt transition of my beloved angel in fur.

I never thought I would arrive at the place of consciousness that I have as a result. And, I am aware of the pulling and tugging for survival that still exists in my 3D mind, though it’s losing its grip.

By course correcting myself, through love and compassion (finally,) staying in the moment and being aware of my current awareness that I return more frequently now to the sweet spot that I now know exists, where the peace that passes all former understanding lives, waiting for us to co-exist with it.

What Divine Wisdom shared with me, in part, (much much more on the Free Download available to you at the above link), is that, “It is through love for ourselves, each other and our beloved Earth Mother that we are to take the momentous time at hand to invest ourselves as deeply as possible into every aspect of our freedom by returning to the Source of our Light (God) and then, through our hearts, directing the Light of our Source toward the expression of our new reality.”

By directing the Light of Our Source we are able to inspect our current consciousness, feeling, releasing and being accountable for whatever remains that no longer serves or is applicable to life now.

“Resolve it or let it pass,” is what I was clearly told. “Love is all that matters.”

What each one of us put asunder throughout all lives, space and time, in order to bring about the game of life in 3D existence, each one of us now has the unprecedented opportunity to lovingly steer in another direction as we move into a Higher Life of existence, where nothing is asunder.

You are The Way, The Truth, and The Life. You must know you are indispensable in the evolution of human kind or you would not have chosen in.

Namaste Beloveds,



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