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A Profound State of Being

April 9, 2019

We Are Amazing Beings Of Light. Nothing will ever be the same. Enters now
Our Higher Selves, Soul Selves, Multi-Galactic and Angelic Self.
Nothing will ever be the same.
—Maureen Moss

Beloved Ones,

I write this from a new state of my being…from a place of relief, deep gratitude, peace, and first hand experience of witnessing the pattern of perfection and unfolding destinies being woven together in unimaginable ways following back-to-back retrograde upheavals, 3 Stargates, an Equinox and continuous waves and streams of highly organized Intelligent Diamond Light codes we are now deciphering and decoding, recalibrating, aligning with and beginning to experience an entirely new map of existence by.

2018 into 2019 doubled down on intense Cosmic instigators rapidly ushering us into a major New Life Cycle and the reincarnation of our Self-Realized Holy Christed Selves.

Though at times overwhelming, I’ve been reminded often of the fact that the inflow and then integration of new and higher frequencies, though intense as they occur, are being overseen by several of the Galactic world (Arcuturians, Sirians, Angelics, Elohim and more,) understanding that what is occurring in us and through us is a ‘sustainable phenomena,’ though must be taken in incremental stages.

Why the Stages

Harmonizing and embodying Higher Dimensions of ourselves, completely clearing out the former grid of our Human Template, paving neutral neural pathways, building and stabilizing new structures of Life in alignment with the Law of One… of Love, of One Will… fully activating our New Human/Divine (DNA) Template, and ultimately attaining a full Multi-Universal/God Consciousness Merge… will be an ongoing, consistent process over these next 7-10 years.

Anything faster would be a shock and overload to our physical bodies and anything slower would hold many of us back who have reached the point of being able to withstand the frequencies (even though uncomfortable and exhausting at times,) due to expanded perception and acceptance of this being the way to the grand finale of being returned to the Creators Image and Likeness, as we were created to be.

As such, it also allows us (and this is a very important piece,) to distinguish and Master the Truth of ourselves, emotionally, spiritually and Universally over time by feeling and acknowledging Truth within our hearts, bones and bodies and becoming fluid in only corresponding with it and expressing and creating as a result of it.

Creators of the Divine Plan

I have said this often of late; “WE are creating the Divine plan now. This is an Ascension by which none in the Higher Realms could plan… for never has an Ascension occurred in this way. The potential existed, though so too did the potential to be another civilization that fell through the cracks.

When the awareness came that the possibility we could fall again came (we have felt it and lived it before,) we determined, committed, courageous, almost broken, almost checked out Lightworkers took one more Inbreath and said, we are NOT giving up, We Are Not Going Down.

It was like a telepathic Clarion Call to each other that sent out SO MUCH LIGHT… that an inrush occurred in the Heavens to do everything they were allowed to help us not fall…sending Higher Cosmic Harmonics and Frequencies, Galactic Transmissions, Home Star Transmissions, New Creation Codes, Diamond Creator Codes of Higher Intelligence and Angelic Love all in sacred geometric formations, tones, colors and soundwaves to enter our bodies, our cells, our DNA, our minds our body templates to do what was possible to help us ascend into fully Conscious beings with Higher Self, Soul Self, Galactic and Angelic Self physicalized. They were reminded of how far they could go and instinctively we knew how far we must go.

And here we are Beloveds…making space, decoding, aligning, integrating and stabilizing day after day in and through our bodies, hearts and our minds… clearing and expanding the fabric of our being to fit in All of Who We Are… to help All of our Self become accustomed to physicality. Enacting Supreme Divine Love.


And so we enter into the remainder of April wherein a new level of consciousness and frequential alignment arises during this Holy month of Passover and Resurrection.

An acceleration of energies slated to arrive mid-month creates further purging of the old emotional/physical template… helping us passover into new, deeper vibrational realizations, resonance, feelings and alignment with Self-Realized Truth and also into a greater field of Soulful coherence around us and in us.

All waves, patterns, energies etc. entering from the Cosmos within this month are leading us through the Hallway of Unification… from the Alpha (beginning) to Omega (ending), which is Union. (We will further this during the 5-5 Taurus Stargate.)

Watch closely the pattern of perfection being woven through you. Watch for the twinkling of your magical destiny beginning to light up. Do your part to let All of You In…the parts of you revolving in endless circles of God Consciousness ready to be physicalized.

Be the loving Watcher and Caretaker of your New Life.
You are amazing…realize it.

Know You Are Loved.

Email: [email protected]

P.S. Stay tuned this month for a very special invitation.

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