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A Life-Changing Global Contemplation

August 22, 2013

I wrote this contemplation, (and first posted it on Facebook) as it was given, and after considering the many ways in which we disempower each other and ourselves. While writing it I realized how we have become servants to separation, duality and polarity as a result of what I have long called righteous indignation, when it comes to forgiveness or lack thereof.

It was written to offer you a new way to experience the Divine in and through you, and, it was written to encourage you to truly be unafraid of being loving, so others will be unafraid to love you.

“As we make our way up to the Mountain of Oneness it is of vital importance to meet people, all people where they are at, Now.

So often we take what we remember of a person and hold them hostage to who they were, not who they have become.
So often it has been done to us.

No one knows what may have changed since last we met each other. We don’t know what may have happened at ours or another’s epicenter, to have shifted One so deeply.

The shift can happen to anyone, in any moment. It can be born from deep inner reflection, a strong desire for authenticity, an illness, a death, a birth, a loss or a win. Has it happened to you?

What if we each make a commitment from this day forward to approach each other unconditionally and as if for the first time?

In honor of the Divine that is in and through us, let us act as the Gods that we are and approach each other with care now, for if we are not careful our judgment, based on the past, will create a prison for them and for us.

Let us suspend our habitual projections and concrete decisions about everything and everyone, in order that we may all truly have the space and support to grow, change, transform and be accepted for who we are, now.

May this contemplation become an act of grace and love from your heart to another’s.”



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