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3-3-3 The Trinity

February 26, 2019

The Trinity

Activation & Weaving Christ Consciousness
Higher Self & Your Magical Child.

The return to the pattern of wholeness is an implosion letting us know that something very ancient has died while something very new and magical in its perfection is birthing.
—Maureen Moss


Sunday, March 3, 2019

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Beloved Masters, Angelics and Tribe of One Heart,

The return to the pattern of wholeness called by many names…The Masters Fire, The Purge, and The Reset, along with the upcoming rare Planetary alignments are all restructuring our life to align with the virtues of our Holy Christed Consciousness, Higher Selves and the Magical Child rooted in the foundation of our beings.

There is no denying the magical, mystical, stranger-than-fiction and often uncomfortable effects of an undeniable month of February still not over…and readying itself to merge in kind with March.

For myself I have been experiencing a buffet of occurrences making Life a singular point of fascination.


Going from exhaustion… barely able to get out of bed… to literally experiencing myself as a race horse prancing through the rooms in my house, to catching my mind in a Pulitzer Prize winning story, seeing with my inner vision a Light Helmet radiating over my crown chakra, to having a dream on the 2-22 that I was in someone’s home with a bunch of people I didn’t know and some who didn’t look quite human…. where everyone was celebrating.


Completely caught up in the celebration I realized everyone was awaiting a birth that was going to occur. Having no idea whose birth this was or who the mother was, the excitement and joy were infectious. I found myself dancing (in the dream,) knowing this was to be some extraordinary birth we were all awaiting.

The next thing I knew I saw myself as the one who had been birthed! But, I was still me, at this age, over-flowing with Light and feeling like a child again…a joyful child…a magical child.

I was gobsmacked (astonished). Quickly I awakened and began dancing through the house (8:00AM) feeling as though I had been made new again. My mind wanted to go to I wonder how long this will last to being completely taken over by the Now of this Joy.

It didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if I returned to exhaustion or pains in my body, or dealing with the furnace ready to be replaced. It only mattered that I knew that dream was a reality in a field I was connected to consciously now. And as Jesus used to say to me, it’s already in the elevator. Just say thank you. Like he always did. Actually he said amen, but it’s all the same to me.

It was after that I felt compelled to have a gathering on the Masterful day of 3-3 even though I had no thought nor plan to do so. While on a walk in the snow with sun shinning brightly, my Higher Self told me what this gathering was to be titled.

And so it is.

On this Masterful day, Sunday, March 3, 2019 (3-3-3) the day of the Holy Trinity (mind, body, Spirit,) we will activate and weave together the Christ Consciousness, Higher Self and Your Magical Child.

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With Infinite Love,

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