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11:11 An Experience of Angelic Acceleration

November 4, 2021


An Experience of Angelic Acceleration & Grace


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Beloved Hearts,

I cannot think of a more appropriate time for this 1111 Gateway to open. Since information began coming to me about this Gateway I have been calling it the “Angelic Gateway of Acceleration and Grace.”

Since the 1010 Gateway humanities acceleration, particularly through the death experience, both internal and external, and the further witnessing of a dying world WE no longer belong to has been pushing us into deeper Unity Consciousness even though at times it has felt singular and isolating.

Personally having lost 2 Beloveds within 18 hours of each other, and then one upon another ill or in the hospital had been at times overwhelming almost to the point of despair. On one of those nights in a lucid dream I saw legions of angels surrounding Earth, heads bent towards us weaving symbols of Love and energies of Grace into humanities hearts. I heard the voice of one Angel saying the words, we know the uncomfortable state humanity is in. All that is occurring is central to the Divine Plan of raising the Consciousness of humanity and bringing many together in a common bond of Love, of Compassion and of recognizing the Oneness amongst you. Trust, all have chosen their particular roles in it. You are never alone on your journey.

When I awakened and grabbed my journal to write down what I heard and experienced she went on to say is: What awakened humanity will come to realize is that as a sacred pillar of Heaven on Earth they must hold the sanctity of Creation in all of its forms and transitions as part of the Divine Plan. As you know humanity and Earth are continuing to go through many transitions. It is important to link your heartminds strongly together to overcome the misperceptions of events and experiences that are more Holy than one might imagine. Amongst others, we in the Angelic Realm know the power of God in you shall Be triumphant.

What I have shared before and I know is true is that in the midst of this revolutionary re-set, every BEing and ‘consciousness’ in the Cosmos and on Earth are being affected and the ‘reach down’ to help us UP is very real. At the same time, we are being called to ‘reach up’ and express from our Higher Natures more consistently. I know as well that through these Highly Charged Portals upcoming first on 11-11 and thru the ensuing 12-12 and 12-21, we are going to powerfully feel the participation of Many…closing the ‘gap’ between dimensions ever more.

On the Day of the 1111 Gateway WE gather with open receptive Hearts and BE together in consciousness as we experience this high vibrational 1111 Angelic Gateway… a Masterful and Grace-filled Gateway between Heaven and Earth, assisting the evolution of consciousness. Those aligned will be moved into greater and deeper flow with their Angelic Frequency, their Soul, their Light Body, Divine Union within Self and one’s Original Blueprint. This is a Gateway that will emit many codes of Mastery and wrap you in the arms of Grace.

As a healing Gateway, hearts are regenerated by the Power of Love. And, impediments running through emotional bodies are lovingly attended to by many Angels assisting in the RISE of Soul and Divine Light in each one.

The Archangels stand at the 11:11 Gateway to embrace each in much needed support and Love. It is here you will be strengthened, inspired and empowered to embrace the many Miracles that abound, surround and await us as we move beyond the illusions, ruins, fear and wreckage of a world WE no longer belong to.

This is a Sacred Holy Gateway where Angels reside as Messengers of God.


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With Love and Blessings to All,


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