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4-17-2021 & 4-18-2021

Soul Embodiment Webinar Gathering

Purpose Driven, Experiential, Wisdom & Activations

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Spiraling in endless circles of God Consciousness with its multi-incarnational view of All your lives, your Soul…and only your Soul…holds the Highest Codes possible to bring out the true created you, not the better you, the real you.
—Maureen Moss


Dates: Saturday, April 17, 2021 & Sunday, April 18, 2021
Time: 11:00AM PT/12:00 MTN/1:00 CT/2:00 ET.
Price: $33.00


Replay & MP3 Available 2 Hours Following Each Session


This month of April thru the Taurus Stellium and into the May 5th Taurus Stargate we are in a rarified atypical Highly Concentrated Multidimensional Transit Energy. Many of the Heart Collective will have the greatest of opportunities thus far for a quantum leap in Consciousness from one version of Earth to another… and the Greatest passage of Soul into body than at any other time… as well into New Soul Contracts in alignment with New Earth.

However, each has to consciously be ready, balanced, centered, clear and in alignment, resonance and rapport with Soul to arouse both it and Heaven/Christ Consciousness.

This passage is evolutionary, revolutionary, magical, raucous and at times quite electrifying as the Heavens pour forth frequencies we are unaccustomed to and the Sun moves through the Heavens forming a rich connection with Sirius, Orion, Pleaides and Earth.

Consciousness is rising and Soul is descending hour by hour from one reality to another depending upon your aligned, cohesive engagement with it.

Thus, I have been prompted to have this 2-3 hour Gathering across 2 days to further activate, clarify, arouse and unify your Body, Soul, Heart and Christ/Heaven Consciousness for this passageway and the upcoming Taurus Stargate.


Testimonials from previous Soul teachings:

Evolutionary. Maureen Moss is amazing in her living, her teaching and her passion to empower others to “get it.” Soul Connection presented multi-dimensional principals and made them user friendly for daily practice.”
—Renee Morgan Brooks

“This was amazing. I’m blown away by what came through. The goose bumps continued this morning in meditation.”
—Linda Nickerson Hicks

“Every session offered me abundantly. Listening to every word spoken brought forth so much peace and resonance.”
—Silvia Avedikian


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