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Soul Illumination, New Solar Light Codes Activation

Gaia Solar Light Anchoring


Date: Sunday, June 20, 2021
Time: 11:00AM PT/12:00PM MTN/1:00PM CT/2:00PM ET.
Price: $22.00


Replay Available 2 Hours After Event


Following the most epic month of transformational and alchemical shifts we enter now zero-point and a grand opening for brand new energies to flow in and through us. The potential for Embodied Enlightenment, Mass Awakenings, Unity Consciousness and Expanded Love has never been greater.

Solstice represents a significant turning point and unifying force.

Everything is on purpose to assist us to lift into a new Arc of Source Solar Light, Soul Purpose and attunement to the frequency and Consciousness of Holy Light Beings.

On Solstice, the burst of New Solar Light Codes will raise the frequency of Love, unite us further with Gaia and open wide internal passageways for embodiment and merge of Heart and Soul before walking through the Lions Gate on the 8-8. This merge occurred for me on May 24. The experience is unparalleled.

On this day we shall gather as One Chalice of Receptive Love… calibrate to the zero point field…harness the accelerated Solar Light Codes and help weave them gracefully in-body. As well, utilize them to widen the internal passageways for soul embodiment and anchor, through our Earthly bodies, New Solar Light and Love into Gaia.

Bring your open heart, pure intention and Love.


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